My New approach to Nofap Hard Mode

After 2 and a half years of failure on hard mode, i have made some observations.

:black_small_square:i relapsed when i dont get sleep.

What is a Relapse for me ?
• Binge Watching Erotica
• Masturbation
• Meaningless sex

Solution For Sleep ?
¤ Gyan Mudra
¤ Listening To नाद ( Observation of a natural sound around us )
¤ Embracing Death/Fear
¤ Awakening if none work.

I am quitting my sleeping medicine after 35 days of streak. For 21 days i will take half of the regular dose. Then 1/4th of the dose for remaining 14 days. Then Total quit.


By the way this is exactly my problem. I relapse either on weekends when I am bored and I have nothing to do or when I am lying on the bed but don’t get sleep.
During my previous highest streak. I used to make sure that my phone is not in my bedroom in night. I bought couple of novels of my favourite genre. And used to read those while lying on bed till the time I used to get sleep. This really really helped me a lot. I bought a small table lamp and few detective novels and trust me it helped immensely in fighting this addiction.

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Ok then… i have books… i will read them when its difficult to sleep.

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Yeah that’s a great way to sleep. But read what you are interested in … Don’t push yourself too much and start reading your syllabus. Read the topics you like the most. For me it was a book on spy stories. It was very engrossing.

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