My mind is drifting on day 11

I’m on day 11 now, as I am having my break at work on night shifts. My mind just started drifting away fantasing about women etc. I never touched myself or anything, obviously. I let the thoughts just past through my mind.

I hope im still doing good.


Hello. Glad to hear about your streak of 11 days. Keep it up. It is perfectly normal to have such thoughts as your brain is in the process of rewiring. it will take some time to get normal. The key is to not pay too much attention to such thoughts, stay busy and not intentionally fantasize as it hinders the rewiring process. Keep up the good work and soon you will be successful. Best of luck :+1:


I agree with @aapoorv75

Something else I have learned, try to not get mad/frustrated with yourself for having those urges. Understand that it takes time to rewire. Focus on achieving good things more than avoiding bad things and that will help you stay focused.
Best of luck on your journey :+1: