My life with this app

Since using this app and reading other users in the same situation as me,it has been helping,in many ways.

But we are who we are ,if we are determined to help ourselfs by giving up this nasty addiction then we will succeed.
If there are doubts thinking this is hard we will fail, this is how our brain thinks I have failed numerous times and i am still fighting.

But we need to re-train our brain that this is a pointless and time wasting moment in our lives.
Since using this app i have been going to the gym and doing some extreme weight lifting which is draining all my energy so to exhausted to spend hours on the computer,like my previous life.

So plenty of sleep is helping anybody who is really struggling like me, try pumping some weights, but be very cautious because there are very fine looking girls there,which will make you fap i do my course and get back to my wonderful life without porn.
So simple answer is…please use this app as long as possible because it really is there for us.
@Taher thank you, you are the best person for making this possible.

Thank you from New Zealand


Love you guys and you @Taher