My life is very difficult right now

Too many personal problems are preventing me from having strength and confidence.

I am filled with fear. I feel like a pushover who cant stand up for himself.

I have lived a life where I never made any major decisions and now in my 30s, I find it hard to make needed choices an want to flee from them.

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If you can’t stand up for yourself then God will be your cane, aight? You can’t do anything without Him sometimes.

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Hi bro,

I’ve been through a period when I felt that I could have done more for my work. In fact, I felt I was being sidelined by my boss long enough that my job might be at risk… :sweat_smile:

I reflected why I felt this way despite my own impression as a hardworking and sincere person, willing to learn.

After some reflections, I realised that it might be because I was stuck with the fapping habit. This habit not only taken away my time and energy from concentrating on my work, but also slowly reducing my will power and courage, reducing me into a “kid”. This"kid" in me constantly seeking help from others without looking internally for my inner strength. When no one around could spare the time for me, I would tend to hide from my problems.

This kept downward spiral till my boss gave me an ultimatum. I either took up a new work challenge or I risk being kicked out of my department.

Since I got married recently and my wife’s career wasn’t stable at that time, I had no choice but to take up the work challenge.

Strangely, I couldn’t find time to fap and at the same time I found my voice in my work, being able to face those challenges one by one.

Time flew and it’s now more than 300 days since I last fapped. Other than thanking God for the miracle, I also couldn’t image how I have progressed till now if I were to continue fapping every now and then…

Hope you found this sharing useful somehow.

Take care and God bless! :blush::pray:t2:


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