My life is totally collapsed and the reason will make you laugh

My life is full of distractions, zero motivation, full of fear and so many dissappointments now

This all came just for one reason,

Before 6 months, I was working heavily hard, and one day, my parents went to an astrologer to enquire and predict about my future…

That guy told that I will be a great and rich man one day,

My parents didn’t say this to me because they know I will get over confidence by hearing this, but I was over excited and wanted to hear what he said, and got my father’s mobile and heard the recordings …

This made me demotivated and actually i stopped working towards my goals, eventhough, I am in one of the best college in India now, I am not working enoughly hard now, getting scolding from professors, those guys who scored less than me is scoring better in colleges now, even I am not able to adapt to hostel now, very very tough to socialize now… so please suggest some ways to make me come back on track…


hey therey
that does sound like quite the condundrum :slight_smile:
and a very uncomfortable stressful situation
destined for success but than again knowing about that you kinda want ket destiny take its path lean abck and enjoy maybe?
hence if every thing turns out great why put in any effort, right?

i am a tad spirituall and maybe a change in perspective might help you out.

success is not really a goal. i do not know what was prophesized/foretold for you but usually that is realytively vague.

so when someon says that you will be rich, and succesful etc. they on the one hand mean that in some point in time you might be weahlty or that you ahve the potential/fundation for success.

there is a very interesting phenomemnon:
there was a study on the winners of lotteries (as in people wining millions and billions of money unexpectedly)
and the studie showed that these peole are vry happy in the beginning due to the amount fo welath that is suddenly given to them.
that is logical what is fascinating and very sad is that most lotery winners turn out to be worse off emotionally and financially around 6 months to a year after thex have won. most have spended theri money or stopped enjoying it some even have loans to pay of etc etc etc…

there are studies on that.

why am i telling you this: these people had a huge stroke of luck. and that is great but they could not keep to it since they didi ot “know how” these are ordinary people like you and me so they must have tried to spent stuff wisely maybe help out frineds a bit or invest a bit etc etc etc it is safe to assume that they were not some kind of especialy big fools who have n idea how to deal with money… but thsikind of “undeserved/unearned success” overwhlemes people and most do not know how to cope with that even when they know that they are overwhlemed -.-^
only people who ahve had finacial experience and a stable social enviornemnet before winning actually turned out to keep the money and feel good.

meaning that it is about how you deal with success, welath and happiness that says that you can stay wealthy.

maybe the fortune teller said that you will have great luck with finances etc… but only having good luck with that does not mean that you will keep it.
having great success due to grrat relationships or connections does not mean you will keep that succes.
these things are jut interim milestones,

what matters is how you live your life not where you aim to go.
you can plan for things and set goals that is great for motivation and knwoing what to do but these plans will constantly hae to adapt to outside circumstances, your goals will change due to personal experiences and changing priorities. you idea of wealth and success mind change.

so here is my advice:
so not focus on whether you will be succesfull, weahlt happy etc, it is great that the fortunteller said this to you and that your parents belif in you you re truly blesed in this regard be thankfull for that!
but do not rest on your potential and eventualieites or future.

see how you can be succesfull rigth now look for joy right now, look for welath right now.

what does success mean to you ? mae it specific ->a house a family, wonign a company a certain job postion etc etc etc… let your thought roam and think what success is to you.
than thnik about what you can actually do to get there right now how you can feel succesfull right now.
and do those things… than change your plans with time and adapt to circumstance always trive to be happy, succesfull and wealthy in your current situation right this second and that will make you succesfull right now not in the future for succesm wealth and happiness are feelings… they are abstract… one can feel those things hypothtically as a monk in a clositer or as a ceo of a fortune 500 company or as a middle management empoloyee in a governement or even as an employee in a gas station, these things area state of mind.

and what i can tel you from reading your few sentences is that right now you feel,
unhappy/sad, maybe luke a disapointment/failure and maybe even poor or doomed to fail.

rejoice for knwoing this feeling you know that you do not want to feel this way , and the people around you trust and belive in you now oyu only have to belive in yourself.
than everything will wokr out you are on agood path!

hope this helps



Thank you brother

Got some awakening ideas from you!


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