My life had changed since the Begin of nofap Noprn Challenge

Hey Community

Today I will share with you all my experience since I begin this amazing challenge that have a huge impact in my life.

Once months ago, I hored about nofap challenge and I wondered why so many guys are doing an act against the nature (so I thought at Begin).
When I was at college, at the year of 14 years old, I discovered the World of this offensive media that make many change in your daily habits, I used to play with friends and to socialize other but since I started watching it fast every night, my habits had changed and I had less friends with time, unable to make a nice conversation with girls at college and to express my feeling and less social with other. With time in Secondary school and at University I had developped unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking like addicted, going outside alone to disco or to Forrest or park to seat alone.
I was unable to make friends, if no one aboarded me, I find my self alone.
All these habits had made me unable to developp nice posture or to have a nice relations with guys or girls.
I felt so unconfident with other, I was always the topic nice guy but inside with Schizophrenia.

Since I decided to make change in my life, I had at the Begin traveled to a new country with better life culture.
I have stated a new study and with time I felt a need to have more muscle to get the Physical aspect that I desire.
For fast a year, i was having fun with the world of bodybuilding, and good nutrition.
I am doing regularly workout with dummbells, going to swimming pool, running.
My Appétit with workout had opened and I the desire to task all types of food and much protein have become a routine for me.
During this periode I hored once about semen retention and its benefits to build muscle.
I really wondered at first cause once a friend told me at college if I don’t do masturbation regularly, I will wake up with wet underwear.
To be honest I started the no fap challenge since months now and at the Begin it was extremely hard for me to abstain for weak because I was addicted for more than 10 years.
I tried again and again and have released to many time and every time I release, the caster effect activate itself and I can’t anymore control my desire, like I was a slave for girl and what she show to manipulated me like she want. Mindlos.
Now I am in my day 24, the first time I achieve this record since the Begin.
I will give you some tips to make progress :slight_smile:
1)Do workout regularly or find a job that require much of manual and handworking.
2)find new activities that make you fun like reading Roman, divers book or watch clean film for family.
3)make more effort during your study or working and try to be the best by imposing yourself.
4)Socialize with guys and with girl if you are planning to marriage.
5)make goals in your life that are not against the working being like to marriage with the one you like or to have a good job or to buy a car or home.
6)the most important delete tiktok, Instagram, and clean your YouTube history.

I will tell you the benefits of this challenge.
I am not watching prn anymore, and I really enjoy to not being anymore addicted to the shit media I used to watch.

My muscle are growing day after day and myself estime have too grow up.
I speak with much quitness and confidence.
I focuse better during my study and I am able to make good decision and better evalute life situation.
My penis look much better without hand trace. It look more healthy.
One thing that had disturbed me that I had a wet dream day 17, I noticed a big amount of semen in my underwear but I think it is a normal process to release to excess of semen.

I am really happy to share with community my thoughts and experiences during my life and challenge.
Waiting for your review.


Big ups, man. Keep up the fight.


Congratulations @Escapee for your 100 day streak.

Thanks, man. It’s 160 actually. 50days ahead of the counter. Lost the log in to an older account.

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Could you please tell how to were able to overcome physical urges and flatline.

Well, first I started with getting all the knowledge I could about porn. Gary Wilson’s YOUR BRAIN ON PORN was great for me. It contains scientific information about porn with lots of recovery stories. I then read more on his website.

I then figured out the compulsive patterns of my addiction. I used the first relapses to understand how it all works.

I realized I fapped in the early mornings just waking. So I started waking and walking to the Park to meditate there. Sometimes I wouldn’t even brush my mouth. I would just wake and start walking.

I also realized that I was always watching pics of fine ladies on social media and jerking off to them. I deleted the store of pics I had from my iPad. Deleted my social media accounts. And also deleted the numbers of girls that post suggestive pix.

I also joined Fortify and took the lessons.

I realized that reading something anti-porn helps me for a day or two so every night, Id wake to read Gary Wilson’s site.

With all this in place, the work gets easier for willpower.

I follow my morning routine now like a religion. I’m a writer and it also helps me organize my day’s work. So I would advise to discover all the patterns and replace them. There isn’t any addiction just patterns of behavior. If you can figure out yours, it becomes a matter of how to beat these patterns.

Trust me, it gets easier. If you do these other new behaviours for long, the brain takes it up and begins to automate them. You don’t have to invest so much willpower not after a while. You practice caution afterwards.



I don’t think I experienced flat line for am extended period. It was all urges.

Another mistake nofappers make is to not be watchful. If in every two days, you relapse for instance, I mean that’s a huge tool that you can use to your advantage. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. It used to be once in 7days. Now it’s 3 weeks. As the period approaches, I prepare myself and double my efforts. It’s like knowing that a burglar would visit on so date and you do nothing about it. Nofappers make this mistake often.

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Thank you @Escapee for your advice. Really appreciate your effort and time to write your experience for us.

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It’s a great delight to be able to help a fellow struggler. We’ll make it.