My latest failure

just lost my streak feeling really bad. I don’t know how I did my 37 days. Now after 15 days I lost my control. It felt like my hand wasn’t in my control so the outcome was not wow if you know what I mean. I didn’t feel the goodness in my Orgasm. I dont know it’s a good thing or not. I thing it’s a good thing and because of this result I strongly feel I am going to beat atleast 45 days.

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You definitely will beat you longest streak i guarantee that,and trust me you know you are on the right way when you dont feel good when you orgasm keep going my friend.

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There is a process of Sexual Urge. For instance, Lets assume Urge as a 3 step process. We can control urge upto 1st point but when it reaches level 2 although at this point we want to not fap but now it is impossible for us to not fap.

So Level 1 is when you first time see porn and suddenly you realised that i have done something wrong and you closed it.
We can control the urge here.

But at Level 2 when you again watch some erotic stuff. Now you feed that Urge more. Now you cant stop however you want to. You end up in fapping & ejaculation.

So, Dont feed your Urges

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Aim for 100 if you want to achieve 45.