My lack adventure

of so much resistance, desire overcame me, I let myself fall by the temptation that defeated me in such a disparate fight that there was no way to face such a prominent wave of lasciviousness, I wanted to be stronger than this ephemeral sensation with so much twisting the bravest, the ephemeral became massive, compact, subjugating and powerful. As I underestimated the adversary, I was surprised at being treacherous and deceitful, taking me back to the land of insult, I am so dirty. of tar more unpleasant than to feel clean should start walking back to the glow I just lost, slowly. With the same impetus with which he confronted me, he returned me by throwing me to the ground of perdition. A feeling of emptiness seizes my throat generating a knot of despair and remorse that imprisons my thoughts with ideas of feelings of insult, sadness, dirt, filth and guilt. It seems that the exit will be forgotten this autumn only during the first moments while rising and recovering with entrepreneurial spirit, face up and induces positive thoughts such as: “a stumble does not fall, after the rain the sun shines” Restore and recompose, or return to the previous streak will be more pronounced than the fall. "And so I feel, I know that this fall does not have to completely defeat me or destroy my morale, it’s time to take courage, courage and Perspective to get up again, I know I can, I think I can and we will.

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