My journey to infinity and beyond!

Hi there. I’m writing this at 4.54am after a restless night. Have to work in the morning in a few hours. I just binged 2 full days off a 24 day streak, feels bad. My depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations and come back full force. I have to stop this forever if I want to continue living.

This will serve as a mini blog for me to document my experiences and hopefully motivate me to keep going.

I guess this is day 0. Hope I survive work later with 0 sleep. Signing off.


Ok I lied and relapsed the next day after I wrote this, hence I’m writing this the day after. So I am on day 1 now. Managed to get through work, after relapsing and on no sleep. Am proud of myself for that, but obviously I’m never doing that shit again if I can help it.

Currently I’m thinking back to when I had a 24 day streak, I felt like I was in a flatline for the most part, however I did feel normal. By that I mean I had no depression, basically no anxiety and could just do regular human things without my mind overthinking shit. Hope I get there soon.

Today I woke up, did a short workout, ate oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast and went about my day. Pretty good start to boost through my day.