My journey to day 1000

Hi, I’m Luigi and I want to share you my journey through my thoughts and my feelings. I’ll do that replying to the most common questions about NoFap.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

What can I achieve during NoFap? How much time I need?

I am acknowledging myself during this journey, doing this I can feel more connected to others both emotionally and mentally. I discovered a woman as my best friend during these days. I never had a woman as a friend and she was one I saw too many times like an object. I’m on a flat period in day 40 and I don’t feel even tempted to fap (probably due to that), but just thinking what I achieved … I will never lose it. Love yourself first and discover true strong emotional connections with others, live a deep emotional life without being scared to share your deeper self because you will love yourself, you will not see yourself as someone to hide switching on the “robot mode” as normally we do. You will be free and enjoy little things and share even the deepest things but fundamentally you will be happy and positive as a normal state of mind. My record is 180 days but now I’m aiming to 1000. Only then I’ll decide when to stop, before that point for me is a lost. So I can’t tell myself no more " it’s enough you achieved it… Now just do it ONE TIME". Fight for your freedom, your happiness and start fully living and loving life. That are nofap “superpowers/benefits” if you do it enough to switch off the robot and discover yourself.


Bro how to destroy craving and porn scenes that circle inside my head !!

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Hi, search google for PDF book on Nofap ~ just keep reading them everyday - Correct information will fight the incorrect information.


Love. Start by yourself. Search inside yourself what do you deeply want and then think clearly how you can try to achieve it. The result will always have to start by loving yourself and doinf so by acknowledging your emotions. Feel deeply what your feelings about yourself are right now and only then start to replace lower and temporary to pure and higher feelings. I wish you will find yourself brother. Until you unleash what’s hidden deep inside you I think it will not be possible to reach pure happiness, love, connection with loved people. Wish you to find yourself brother.

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I agree, I think: Knowledge is the ultimate purpose and first start.