My journey to be a better version of me

Day 0
I had try quiting porn alone before but I just get max 14 days streak. Then, I will get back to this bad habit again. So, I decided to find someone that I can share and fight this porn addiction together. But, open up to other about my addiction is frightening. I doesn’t have the courage to do so.

Just yesterday I found this app, so far so good. I met few people that willing to be my companion❤️. Thanks you guys. I will try my best to be better me💪

So, for the past month I had done PMO almost everyday not once maybe 2-3 time per target now is 30 days no PMO. I dont know I can do that or not. But, I know I can try and fight for it.

Just a few hours I already have some small urges. Haha. So let see how far I will go


Best of Luck dear. :grinning:

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Welcome on board!

You can what you really want and you believe.

See you at the top! :rocket:


You can also join 90 day no fap challenge. 40+ members are already competing there.

For now, we are targeting clean August.

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Day 1

Yeahh I had passed my first 24 hours of no PMO. The urge was somehow strong maybe because I am alone due to my quarantine. I had several thought of cheating. But then I realized, I didn’t lying to anybody other than myself. I keep coming to read any forum in this website just to keep me motivated.

Everytime I feel an urge I will open this app. Somehow it keep me survive in this war. Taking cold shower also help and I like it.

To kill the time I call my bestie and watch some movies. Somehow I survive this first 24 hours. One thing that I sure motivation is not going to last forever, so now I am trying to find my way to fight my urge during my stressful and unmotivated day. Lets go you can do this​:muscle::muscle:


Day 2

I feel one strong urge that last about 15 min. I almost give in because I cannot fight the urge even by meditation. I keep trying to focus and feel the urge but somehow it getting worse. I carved to do PMO so badly. The bad thought keep coming. Thought of giving up, feel all this effort will go to waste.

So I decide to rewatch one episode from my favorite anime. This ep is so sad even I had watch it 4 time I still crying. Then guess what the urge go away. I didn’t feel the urge anymore just crying and enjoy the show. It feel so good to have this small win

The rest of the day is good, I hang out with friends so it distract me from my urge. Tommorow is a big day. I usually failed on my third day. The urge is so powerful that I usually decided to give in. Hope I can fight stronger for tommorow :confounded:

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Stop hoping, stop thinking about how you were used to fail on your third day…

This was the former You… Today and tomorrow you are the new You!

I’m with you. I know you can win this third day.


Day 3
I started my vacation with my friends. We were very busy. Because of that, I didn’t had any urge at all. My day went smoothly yeahh. I really scared, I thought I gonna relapse today but luckily I always in public.

Okay lets climb up for 7 days no PMO. Every streak count💪 you can do this.

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Day 4

Lot of things happen today. I am too tired to even had an urge. Tomorrow will be a busier day for me. There a lot to do.

Day 5

Maybe because it been 5 days since I stop PMO. This is my first time having somehow medium urge in public. I am shocked. The urge usually came when I am alone. This is something new for me.

Since I am in public the urge was there but it for a short period of time. I am grateful that I am busy this days it help a lot in decreasing the frequency of my urge. Keep going aiza!! Lets free yourself from this addiction


Day 6

I had a dream. In that dream I do PMO alone in my room. Wow, maybe I been restraining myself for awhile my subconscious mind somehow carve for it. After the dream, my day is nice. No urge everything went smoothly.

I finally arrived at home from my vacation. This is when the challenges begin. Being alone. Let see how far I will go.

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I hope that you will achieve your best …remember you are strong than your thoughts .


Again !! Whoever you are you wont go very far. Sorry for being an asshole. “Lets see how far I go” is the mindset of the weak. Say “I will reach 300 days. I commit here.” Repeat after me. Just once. Once more. Once again. Good ! Now repeat it 10 times. Now. And tomorrow. And every single day. Guys we need to be careful of the words we choose. I am guilty of this too. If your words are weak so are you. Be a man. And commit that you will not fap for the next 300 days / 90 days / 30 days whatever the number you like ! But whatever you choose make a commitment. With an attitude like “LEts see how far I go.” you wont go anywhere. Ask yourself why am I doing this ? HAVE A STRONG WHY and go after it. Now I am not perfect. I make mistakes as well. But being THENOBULLSHITGUY it is my duty to correct people who are bullshiting their own selves.

Signing off,
The No Bullshit Guy
Remember. This is THE FINAL FRONTIER
Have an evil laugh. WIth me come on. 3. 2. 1 Laugh at porn

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Day 0

I relapsed today, so here I am back to day 0. It been a long time since I try stop PMO. This relapse felt worse than my previous relapsed when I fight alone. Alone without this community and without a soul know about my addiction.

This time, I had this diary and I had my companions the guilt felt worse than ever and I am very disappointed with myself for giving up to my urge.

6 days is as far that I can go for now. Thank you @TheFinalFrontier yeah maybe that is what I am missing. The why and the commitment to stop. Maybe deep down I still doubt myself. After multiple trying and failed and give up and then try again and failed. I didn’t have the confidence. The confident that I will be free from this addiction.

But I had decided to be a fighter. A fighter may not always win the battle but he never give up until the end. So lets go for 10 days no PMO and finding my strong why in this journey!!

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One word

Mic drops

@aiza Your still a rookie keep on working but I want you to know, you can’t just tell your self to not fap you need to get a stronger midset and start habits like meditation and exercise try running everyday, wake up early. Any body that had a long streak or in other words experience on no fap could tell that you weren’t going to last long but don’t get discouraged keep on going.
your goal should not be to not fap but to become the person you always dreamed of being.

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Day 1

I started to feel I am lost in this journey. I didn’t know the right way to do it. What @hensmkekdmrme said made sense. If you focus on the negatives site you will have more crave. Hence, more failure. If you focus on becoming a better you, your focus shift to the positive site of fixing your life.

But, when my urge came I dont know wether those positive things that I do will help me. It is confusing for me. So, I decided to read a book called easypeasy hackbook by allen carr.

I am still reading it. Hope this book can gave me some method that work for me. But 10 days challenges no PMO is still on. Does 6 days streak is not that bad for someone who do PMO 2-3 time per day.pat myself. You doing great let try again dearself.

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@Tagore will probably do a better job of explaining :sweat_smile:

You should also read some diarys of the men in this forum that have made it 100+ days to get a better idea of what to do.

Day 2

My life is basically a mess. There a lot to do and I kept on procrastinating no work done. Just me lazy around whole day. Now, the urge coming so hard that I had thought of cheating even gave up on this journey.