My Journey so far

So I’m new to this forum but I’m on 19 days clean from p.m.o which I think is a personal best. Considering how long I’ve been fapping say 18 or 20 to 37 now if it’s not a record I’m confident I will be breaking personal records soon. It’s all thanks to this app. I didn’t think it was possible but this app has shown me that it is, perhaps I was unwilling partly. Other techniques haven’t worked for me such as internet porn blockers and accountability software. These methods helped a little but proved counterproductive when I started angrily rebelling against my own self imposed restrictions. I was caught in a never ending cycle but now thanks to this app I can see light at the end of the tunnel.
Reading people’s encouragement, inspirational quotes and sound reasons for quitting porn, having the day counter all combined is really working for me this time. I’m feeling the benefits… Clearer thinking, more focused, more motivated and feeling happier.


Thats awsome. Its amazing how much better you feel when you are on a streak. The one thing i have learned is that life is full of ups and downs. We are supposed to experience these. Running to porn to esacpe the downs has been my issue. Funny though. As you hold strong and get through downs you realize that you are being a better man. A man that will attract a good woman. I try to think about a woman i want to attract and imagine what she would say if she knew i was looking at porn.


My woman feels cheated like i have an affair with the virtual woman. She feels disgusted and pity on me when i had masturbated. They never like such man who masturbates & end his life on his own.


Sad isn’t it? What porn has done to us. But no more we are men we can be strong and stand up to it. It’s an addiction like any other so can be beaten. I’ve realised it’s about remaining vigilant every single day (against the temptation to view porn, think porn and masturbate). You don’t get to take a day off resisting this is a fulltime 7 days a week thing. Luckily I’m not having to fight it every hour of every day but it seems to come in waves knowing it will be a long time before it gets easier gives me strength to stay strong and be realistic. It’s not easy. It may never be easy to say No! But we are doing this because we want to. I’m doing this for myself I haven’t got someone hitting me with a stick for failing or acting disappointed with me. This isn’t an oppressive rule it’s self improvement. Much more than that it’s about reclaiming my life. It’s Now or Never. Can’t give up now. Won’t give up now. No excuses. Keep fighting. Keep going. Benefits are real it’s worth fighting for this. I won’t be dissuaded.

Urges dont strike everyday, plus we dont have to stay vigilant throughout our journey. The vigilant part is important in initial days. Then it becomes a habit. Days go by without even caring about porn. Urges too comes rarely.

Just its a struggle in first 3 weeks.

Well I’ve just hit 21 days clean and while that is encouraging to hear that it will get easier and is tougher in the first 3 weeks (and man I’ve been getting urges today almost unable to concentrate) I think it’s wiser to assume more vigilance is required rather than less.
For me that’s limiting time at my computer and going for walks and choosing distraction when I’m feeling the pressure… A change of scene seems to be quite effective…

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