My Journey 24 M

I am going to start my nofap journey again after a long time and I will keep posting here for my accountability.
I am going to start with goal of 7 days. And keep moving up the ladder.
Day 1 has been already completed.


After many ups and downs I have finally completed my goal of 7 days.
For the first few days I didn’t have any urges but from last three days I have been fantasizing a lot and its little difficult for me to handle these urges.
Also I am trying to find some alternate method to satisfy my urges even though I knew it was wrong and eventually I stopped doing that as well.
I am at least progressing a little bit form the past me but got to improve a lot more.
I also started to do exercise for alternate days and also started going out with my friends this helped me a lot.
My next goal will be

  1. 14 Days
  2. To do daily Exercise
  3. Study Atleast One Hour
  4. Learn a new Skill

I will start working on these thing and hopefully when I come back I will be able to complete these goals and add few more.