My journaling therapy!

Hey guys, I can’t go on like this. Today, I masturbated for the 81th time this year. It’s definitely the year I’ve done it the least since developing this addiction in 2011.

This year, I reached a streak of 149 days without masturbation. The key to this success was definitely journaling.

So, I’ve decided to keep this journaling space open for at least 150 days, allowing me to break my streak and free myself from this addiction once and for all. In 2024, I have no intention of masturbating even once! :pray:t4::man_in_lotus_position:t5:


You can’t find all the numbers I mentioned because it has happened to me many times during this year that I either achieved great results and canceled the app or I got discouraged and canceled the app, so you can’t find all these numbers on my data, but you can find my posts and what I wrote on my profile as evidence of these numbers.

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However, it was a year of great improvements all in all, not only in terms of jerking off, but also in many other areas.:grin:

I will use this space especially in case of urges. Like an emergency button :radio_button:

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Wtf a random nightfall tonight… My brain is super sick. I feel to restart the counter.

Chaser effect, but i recovered well A small step back , but I’m confident to the future

Bad sides::red_circle:

I’m feeling incredibly horny, I’m feel quite guilty cause I’m creating a lot of sexual scenarios in my head, it’s a strange sensation. I can’t sleep well, anyone can relate to this sensation, is it to be attributed to all the energy I have stored?

Good aspects::green_circle:

I am definitely more lucid and present, my discipline increases day by day.

My energy is also increasing because I’m taking Ashwaganda and Maca supplements, I’ll give you an example to understand First I used to do 14 push ups x 3 sets in the gym, every time, from the second set onwards when I was at 8/10 I couldn’t do it and maybe quit, I would take a small 10-second break and then resume, now I do 16×3 without ever stopping at each set with a 2-minute break between sets.

All I do is think about sex, however I am clean, I have not consumed p*rn or ejaculated my sperm, nor edging or masturbating.

I look for strength in God and the universe, I’m pretty sure I will be able to move forward without relapsing.:pray:t4:

Is it for you It’s a shame to think about sex, I have very strong intrusive thought, I can’t block them.

I feel much more full of vitality, my ability to resist effort and tiredness has increased significantly, I do a thousand things, I have created a list of things to do which I draw up in the evening before for the next day.
I’m only on day 13, think what can be achieved after 2+ years of semen retention.

I really have a lot of excess energy, I need 4-6 hours of sleep, before at least 8. I feel like I have to give vent to my creativity, because I really have a lot of excess energy and urges!! :exploding_head::cold_sweat:

However today will be day 36 of semen retention!!

Urges are sooo strong today!!