My Introduction And Thoughts About PMO

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with this PMO cycle for years. Sadly I was introduced to this at very early age.

There were times I was improving and otherwise. I believe my reason for doing the PMO was trying to cope with reality and taking my mind away from my feelings. Sometimes it was the feeling of being alone (friends and lovers) and sometimes it was to protect my confidence. With the PMO, I was subconsciously saying and assuring myself that there is girls that sees me valuable. Since this whole thing was a embarrassing situation for me, I was fighting alone without talking anyone close to me. Also I discovered that in the past as I leave the PMO cycle my life was improving but my mind was trying to get into another addiction like games or social media. In this second stage of addictions, the feeling of running away from responsibilities was the main reason.

I believe masturbation, social media and video games are not a problem but the cycle of addictions are. My goal is to break this ways of dealing with emotions and create a healthy mindset.


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