My interesting NO FAP story

I’ve been doing No Fap before I even knew what it was! my story is probably unique to everyone on here, believe it or not I never used to masturbate at all EVER!, it just used to be wet dreams for me as a teenager (and people was like then how do you fantisise about women) well…I just imagine fucking them not beating my meat off I even used to buy the nuts magazines watch Babestation at night looking at the women getting a hard on just imagining I was fucking them but I never used to masturbate at all, I actually thought masturbating was an ultimate ridiculous nasty thing and I used to laugh and find it funny that people would actually sit home and imitate such a thing that porn stars do, I always thought masturbating was a joke this isn’t even to do with the fact that I was a well brought up Christian it was just my personal view and that was my mindset of it as a teenager, you guys are probably thinking “Well your life must have been awesome as a teenager everyone must’ve liked you and you must have been really confident” well…No and yes, I still got bullied at school, got in to dumb fights, still made countless and I mean countless mistakes although I was a fairly confident person because music was always my passage way to positivity and I learned to gain confidence on the stage fast forward 2016 my first relationship ended and I unknowingly “relapsed” after 23 years, this sensation that builded up came from the sex I did in my 1st relationship and climaxing from it so I developed a new craving that I thought felt good but it eventually wasn’t I eventually went on a uncontrollable binge cycle to porn images and I felt my shittiest until I found out about the No Fap community and I decided to change my life once again now I’m currently on Day 13… (Tried in January relapsed at day 22 ( now I feel this crazy energy but since I relapsed the energy fluctuating on and off one minute I feel 100% the next minute I feel 50%…it’s like after the relapse I created a new shell for myself that I can work on from and push myself 1010× better it makes me think it has happened for a reason and a wake up call to turning in to the best version of me and I will achieve it! this just goes to show guys just because you’re a perfect you the world isn’t perfect but with time, the effort, the believe and hardwork it can be with people like us!