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Yess l am doing my best


Finally l am on my 65 day :white_check_mark: . I am doing my best. But this time l don’t mistake again. I know something l feel low but this time pass soon with God wisdom . On 3 month of nafap l feel like l becomes more active toward my goals and work l becomes more productive :pray:


You need to be careful, as the new variant is spreading in villages also…Stay safe.

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Are you in the northeast states ? , sounds awesome , due to tauktae , my hometown has very nice weather these summer days .

Ok , but northeast ( 7 sister states ) or north ?

Oh ok , I live in the middle part(center) :grin:

Where is your village?

Happy for you, All the best. Maintain a long streak.

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Replase on 68 day :disappointed:

Restart again with new beginning


68 days is worthy. Let’s do for 90 this time. You are already strong. :muscle:


I think you caught an evil eye. lol. better luck next time.


Check in day 1âś…

let’s start the beginning :fire::fire:


Check in day 5 is complete :white_check_mark: moving on my 6 day

I think again l focus on my goals

moving like a fire :fire:

don’t distract toward your goals


Yes, let’s go. Don’t look back!

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Stay shinning @sakshi11 girl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::see_no_evil:


Check in day 1 :white_check_mark: … :pray::pray:

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Streak is building up … good luck :v:

I am replase it’s too horrible too explain what happens last night’s :tired_face:

All are going good then l. Am replase last night on 12 am. Even last 1 year l don’t replase in night. But replase story starts from 10 am l am going to sleep then my overthing become more overthing then then l feel too much stress then l replase even after that l can’t sleep l am so much stess guilt and self doubt even l this month’s of June l replase 4 times :tired_face: which make too Furtation even l again and again of loop :repeat: after 3 long streaks l am stuck in loop of pmo even now l. Feel like my best streak 68 is all wast l am feeling even this time my past steak spoiled all the benefits come too me all are gone.

Even l feel like today jo main abhi tak kiya vo sub bus ak sapana tha muja mare Sare streaks bakar se lag rahi hai .

Even after that l am crying too :sob:much even 1 hour . # bus ab muja mare Sare hardword baker sa laghna lagta lag bus. Lagta hai buss life ka kuch pages bikhar sa gai hai or sub kuch mass up sa ho gai

Even l posting some motivation quto before l feel like # main accha nahi feel kar rahi thi motivation quto forcing me too much .

I hate motivation now . Also motivation is saying be positive. Even mental health and my hard work is all gone l feel like soo much inner pain and suffered my soul’s. I feel like l dont feel better l feel like l am not feeling well form the inside of my souls want cry :sob: . Even for no fap l unstalled my all social plate form . Even l always avoide a opposite gender. Even some one intersted in my l clear that l don’t want you .

even don’t feel a good say it l feel my inner soul’s all are broken. My hard work is broken even now l hate bee positive ward just like corna positive.

I hate motivater spker now . Tum loha ke sonabana sakta hoon . Ghatna motivater speaker l hate it . Even grup members this is my inner talk l writing this here too feel good

People are facing a mask too hide their pain and suffer . Know one which problem thay are going through # a journey begin with real motivation now that are gone after too much up ad down. Even today l. Sleep 3 hour only. Even after replase l can’t sleep t. Even writing of this post l feel like crying. All the things of hard work is spoiled and Disspared. Even l also feel like disappointed to mee.

Even after writing this l feel good l am happy ya l replase . But l restart again even that l have too other options . Today l writing too much becz of my mood is swing in this post. I feel llike terrible :slightly_smiling_face: . This is my inner talk .

If any one give me advice give it grup members


Hey sister, I can understand all these feelings that you are going through. Sometimes life gets hard. As you know, addiction is a way of coping with hard and negative situations of life. I think you are pressuring yourself too much. one important lesson that I learnt from my journey so far is pressuring yourself or being hard on yourself never works. Never. At least in the long it won’t.
You relapsed yesterday night. Ok. This maybe a cliché advice; but this is what you should do, just take a few deep breaths. Sit calmly in a calm place and tell yourself: “its ok. It happens. I am human and its ok for me to fall down, relapse or fail sometimes. What matters is I never give up.” Just tell yourself :Iam with you". Pat on your shoulder and be compassionate to yourself. Studies have shown that, just patting on your shoulder or just cuddling yourself, a smile to yourself, being compassionate to yourself releases oxytocin which is the love or positive hormone in us. From now onwards your journey should be based on SELF COMPASSION. Fuck motivation. It is crap. Don’t listen to anyone giving motivational advice.

This journey is a on going process. Some people do it in one stretch; but there is a lot of struggle behind their success. But let me tell you this sister, your self worth is not dependent on just a nofap streak which is just a number. You are much greater than that. We are all together in this, Don’t feel alone. If you are crying just know that we all cry, sometimes many of us also don’t sleep at night due to the pains of life, due to this addiction, due to the self doubt or whatever. We all are in the same boat.
Hey, I suggest you to stop focusing too much on nofap streak, no pmo and start focusing too much on life. Don’t look at streak. Start working on your purpose in life, your relationships etc. This pmo is ouur way of escaping from the inner pain, the shadow which is hidden in the subconscious mind. Accept the fact that it is there and work on fixing it. Maybe advancing in your career can fix it or maybe a meaningful relationship? Or a good friend? Or improving relationship with family? You name it. Just be compassionate to yourself and look at things from a different angle. Maybe God is making you go through all these struggle because he wants to check your resilience? Or he wants you to be much stronger than how you are right now?
After all you have a beautiful life. You have your family around you. Millions lost their family due to covid, cyclone, earthquake. This year 120 million will suicide that means one per 40 seconds. You are getting food daily, you have a house to sleep in, you get drinking water daily, you see sun everyday. Remember millions don’t have these.


Thank you for real motivation brother @Tagore l think l am pressuring me too much that time . yess you are right that time l only thing about streak yess streak is doesn’t matter hord work is matter. Yess that time l becoming too much frustrating that why l writing soo much :grimacing: negative things. Thank you brother. Yess again start again with God wisdom . Yess millions people’s don’t have these thing now l value these things which is giving up by God wisdom physical health and mental healthgood, family, friends, food, drinking of water :pray:etc. Yess God always your side.