My Imagination Is A Big Problem

I just can’t get rid of the sexy fantasies that comes in my mind. Its like porn being played in my mind. I fucking hate it and it makes me hate myself that I have such a bad thinking. Please help comrades.

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I think you need to distract yourself as much as you possibly can. Find some new hobbies and activities; if your mind is focussing on learning guitar for example or exercise then it’s not going to be fantasizing. Particularly as exercise can be a bit painful and strenuous it tends to push out those kind of thoughts in my opinion. The busier you are the less time you will have to fantasize and then the happier you will be I reckon.


Dont worry… you are not a special case… we all gets sexual thoughts & porn plays in our mind too.

Immediately cut your thoughts. Start thinking about other stuff of daily life. Like your running goals… your excercise goals… your job… etc.

Cut the serpent head before it strikes us down


You can also think of cat poop when ever these thoughts come, they will enhance the feeling of disgust when thinking about porn or irrational sexual fanticies (at least it worked for me). :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry about those thoughts my dude. They’re natural and come and go. The best thing to do is to treat them as such and move on. Acknowledge they’re there and move on with your life. Dont try to fight them coming. They will only hit you harder and stress you out more.


@Sensh1nSeeker Thanks for your advice :+1:

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@ Ogggyboi08

The first few days are always hard if the images are fresh in your mind. It will get easier just have patient and you will see. Stay strong and good luck to you.

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