My genitals feels dead after a month of nonfap

I am 25 yrs old. I stopped matserbating and porn both since like a month and 6 days.(ongoing a longest streak)

During initial days of no fap i was having a strong urges to watch porn and masterbate but i controlled it somehow.

Now, after a month i don’t get such a very strong urge to watch porn and masterbate (which is good).

I do get urges specially at night, and i have watched some nude, erotic kind of stuff on youtube(naked yoga, hot dances, non veg jokes etc.) but no porn (with one reason being may be i want to see if i can get proper erection).

Want to stop this as well, but still happy as earlier i was dependent to extreme porn.

I started this no fap journey with goal of having more energy levels, more concentration, to become more social and most important of all fix my porn induced erectile dysfunction.

The thing is even after a month of no fap i am not getting any erection it kind of feels dead there and i am really worried ablut this.

I was hoping that with this no fap journey i will be able to get rock hard erections as i used to get when i was 18.

What should i do, kindly help.


Thing is, you become insensitive to nothing thats not actually sex. Thats some thing you achieve in nofap. When someone is masturbating daily, thats when you get erections all the time. Masturbating was simply tricking yourself that your hand is a vagina. Now you came back to your senses. Why would you need erections now? You would be fire in bed.:joy:

I have a gf and as i have faced the erection problems on bed before, i wanted to make sure i will be able to perform good on bed after a month of effort on no fap. That’s why i am keen to check if i get erection without porn.

I am really happy that i am able to see the big difference in myself only in a month.I am more confident, focused on my work and energetic.

The problem is porn here it has made me insensitive to real life stimulations related to initmacy and sex.

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Bro I think its a flatline where u won’t get erections…continue nofap for 150 days…and u will get erections…(I have not experienced but people crossing 100 days used to tell me)

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Hey @rocket_man, welcome to the community! What you write sounds like you’re on the right way and what you experience seems pretty normal (if even, desirable). Again, welcome and lots of strength and enjoyment for your way!

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