My first week of NoPMO lies behind me 🌅

Today I have left my first week free of PMO behind me. The past two days have been interesting. I have experienced my first day without any urges, which was a liberating experience that I want to repeat. I was thinking, this is it, I have found it, there is nothing on my mind, and there was no urge wanting to touch myself. Sadly, that moment is now gone and the urge to MO has returned, together with some precumming. Concentration exercises help for it to subside. I have the impression that I am much more in control than I have been seven days ago, and can sleep much better in the evenings.

Where to go now? I want to learn more about meditation, discover new ways to enjoy myself, and be at peace with where I am.

Also, I am now finished with the Easy Peasy book – although at times scientifically bold, it is a well-written resource that helped me to acquire some new views. If you are not sure what to do and have read it some time ago, give it a second try: