My first suspension here, felt the need to explain!

I want to start with why I like this community. Well, for starters, we are a non - judging community. Everyone, together likes to help people. A lot of people from different countries, different beliefs, having different ways of life,without any barriers whatsoever, all come together to understand, to support, to motivate, to help each other. Even though all of us are struggling in our own personal lives, yet we find time to come here…

All this time I am here, I didnt find people that are objective to others perspectives until recently. I come from India, a land of different religions, castes, languages and cultures. Its so amazing how so many people co-exist together. The one rule we follow to co-exist is to accept people the way they are, to never say we are right, to never say that our spiritualities, our faiths, our beliefs are the only ones that is true. Else, frictions arise, and yet if someone is standing his ground telling, I am right and if you don’t follow me, your loss, I am only trying to educate you. I find this offensive guys. For me, it looks like preaching and I feel that it disturbs the harmony we have.

When I give a suggestion, if people say no, it doesn’t work for me, its not what I believe, I accept that… But if I am going to say, its your loss, I talk truths/facts, then thats a debate, thats a loss of peace of mind to the ones thats saying it and to the ones that are reading it. I dont come here for that. I dont come here to start debatable topics that only applies to a few sections of society and call them truths. I dont come here to educate people but only to suggest in anyway I can, or to ask for help.

At the same time, when there is an addiction involved, some are vulnerable. I know that because I was that at one point. This is the time we should share some healthy ways to help them, like some workouts, or reading, how to manage their urges etc, not by making things more complicated for them by talking about topics that divide people, challenges or negates their view points. I try everytime to stop myself from commenting, but when I see these repeated, I can’t help but comment, which is something I really need to work on and I will… Apologies for my part in it…

Peace :v:


I agree, I’ve always seen this community as supportive, encouraging and generally positive which is why I come here a lot as part of my nofap journey.

I have noticed some preacher posts/comments here and there which I don’t agree with as I think it’s normal for people to have their own beliefs and good natured to respect that of others, but debates and arguments tend to happen a lot on any type of social media or platform. I steer clear of any fb, linkedin or insta comment sections on anything public as I knew there was definitely going to be a troll or nasty comment that would spark a debate I’d want to get involved in.

I’d recommend not paying too much attention to this stuff, and certainly not always getting involved. It’s just going to put you in a bad mood for the day so it’s not worth it most of the time. If you just let it slide you can continue enjoying the sunshine :sun_with_face:


Will definitely do @frenchyy

Same thing, I try not to involve in Twitter or any social media because of this. I am only there for the notifications/friend requests/followers lol. But this was the only app that was soo good. But again, its generally not me, I am generally super cool lol, probably nofap anger getting to me? Anycase, it would be a good self development thing to work on :+1::+1:


Exactly bro. In the end we are all strangers. What does it even matter to argue? This is a beautiful platform where we are all struggling and helping eachother to overcome these struggles so that each of us can shine in our own unique goals and paths in life. After we are complete, some of us people may have deeper bonds beyond rewire community but most others will seperate, go their own ways, never to meet again.

Positivity is the key here. Why fuel hatred and seperation? If there is anything to seperate from and create hatred towards, it should be PMO.


True bro @NFMan :+1::+1: :+1:


Man, there is no way you can control actions of others. There are different kinds of people everywhere, and every kind of person can suffer from this addictive behaviour. There should be no expectations that everyone should act like how we’d want. I have deleted my social media way back in 2017-18, but I have seen such people from different religions on different platforms, communities and forums, and I have found that the best thing is to ignore such posts completely. There is no point in continuing an argument with someone after you realize that they are extremely stubborn to change their mentality. With passage of time, we as people, are destined to learn all these things. There is no need to try to prove your point those who don’t want to understand your point of view now. Let them do their thing, you do yours. Such people live on the amount of attention they get from others, they believe that everyone in this world wants to kill them and destroy their culture, but once they are devoid of attention, they begin to get some clarity. There are a lot of things that I personally know and can teach people here, but there is no point as it’d harm me more than it’d help others. So, be smart and learn to ignore.


Thanks a lot man. :blush::blush::blush:


Bro there are a lot of kids on this forum making new threads on religion. They have yet to experience things in life. To me most of the things seems to be full of reasoning fallacy. There is no coherence between the two sentences.
Also, I have found firm beliefs in our own opinion are harmful over a period of time. I will say just ignore it otherwise it will just continue to grow.


Ofcourse bro, there’s no way… Generally I don’t care about these arguments too, I just leave them alone… This was an one off thing!!!

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Yeah bro, will definitely ignore :+1::+1:

True. Nice writing man.

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@JonSnow001 Like you said, let’s continue responding in love towards these kind of people. Maybe they are hurting in real life or maybe there’s something going on. That’s why I try to always be nice to people even though they are rude to me here- everyone, no matter how annoying, is fighting their own battle. One of these battles is against PMO, as we all know.

That said, I’d appreciate it if we could have less religious posts, keep it to a single thread at the most, and learn to accept each others’ opinion and be careful to research and not post meaningless unscientific things :slight_smile:

:cry: though I’m still sad that this community is not what it used to be…it may be a God-given thing, since that has led me to use the forum so much less now, and that saves time :slight_smile:

Choose kind


His account has been temporarily suspended. That’s no surprise, it was bound to happen eventually.

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