My feelings and

I’m 20.
i don’t have friends. as i am an introvert or atleast thats what i think. maybe its just because of lack of confidence.
i have been trying recover from fapping almost a year now. or maybe its more than a year.
see i really want to share my feelings but when i see other people talk about the fun stuff that they had and like whats cool. honestly i dont find those things cool at all
those things just dont make sense to me
see fapping is bad
but what i have observed is because fapping i stayed at my point of my life for an year and i didnt do suicide
there were 400 consistent failure that i faced and those things kind of changed me
i feel like crying right now
i dont know



Can you speak more about it ??
If you don’t mind…
If you wanna talk to me… you can dm me or you can say publicly

Why do you wanna do suicide that time?

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You can share anything here, don’t hesitate…
Nobody will judge you…
You can trust me blindly.

Sometimes one who gone through same situation might can help you… So it’s better to share then hiding it inside. Everyone is anonymous here don’t worry… You’re safe here. And community here is very supportive.


You can share your story with us, with people who truly gonna understand you. We all are in same boat :blush: There are lots of awesome people here, who will help you


i mean i dont how to thank you brother
i didnt thought that someone will read it
i just came here to trash my post.
yes i agree i dont have confidence and i dont know man i feel like nothing is worth it
maybe thats because my i have soo many regrets
plus like shit

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thank you soo much alex
i didnt thought anyone will read it
i just came back to trash this post
you and addioz replied i mean thanks

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i dont how we use this application im just trying to figure it out

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If you have any doubt just text me here.

hey adioz
are you from india ?

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First of all, I just want to welcome :bouquet: you to this amazing and fascinating community… where you don’t feel bored, I am not saying we will entertain you :laughing:but we will help you to find the right way to get out of this habit.

basically why we don’t have confidence within us??
When we don’t trust ourselves that we can face any situation.
Why we don’t trust ourselves?
Because we had faced many bad situations where we saw that I didn’t make it and we kept that belief in head that "I can’t make it if I face this situation ".
Why don’t we look for the solution instead of believing in your negative belief which you kept in your head long time ago about yourself.

So, by my experience when we don’t have much energy level or clarity in our mind we started feeling inferior… There we lack. We are not inferior than others… We have same self confidence which others have, only we have to believe in ourself and control our bad habits… which have side effects like brain fog and low energy, mood swings.

If you wanna know more I will tell you in detail.

What are those regrets and shit?


Yeah bro… @peacefulplacemaybe
How you directly guessed right answer?? :joy:

to be honest at first its just a copy paste
but as i read it
i never thought someone will be humble enough to write this much for a stranger
well yes i would like to discuss that
but lets sink in first and let me get used to this application
im still figuring this out

well indians are helpful. it was just a guess
im from perth, Australia


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