My experience with a P*** star

So today as I was scrolling reddit Nofap community I stumbled upon a member who described his experience on meeting a real porn star. I will try to summarize his words for you:

"I recently met a porn actress a few weeks ago through a common friend since she is a rising star I don’t want to jeopardize her career in anyway, I won’t reveal who she is.

As she has just finished filming her first video I asked her about her experience and she gave me the usual responses. It’s a lot harder than it appears because everyone in the room is watching you expecting you to perform at your best.

I then admitted to her that I no longer watch porn. I was curious to see how would she react to this but she assured me that I shouldn’t and that it’s ok she said that porn is for losers it’s designed to mess with your head and fool you, it’s not genuine sex at all and it will destroy the real sensations.

A part of me was wished I had questioned her why she begun her carrer in this if it’s so messed up but I figured she just needed to support herself. However, I thought it was incredibly intriguing that even a porn star talked down about it even if she is part of the issue.

You guys can take this with a grain of salt and I totally get it if you don’t believe me because I won’t say who the porn star is. However, the only reason I’m sharing this is to let you know that some of the people you’re jerking off to also think you’re messing up. Thinking about it makes it seem somewhat embarrassing.

I have no idea why I value her opinion so highly or why it has helped me keep my streak going but it has and I hope it can assist a few of you as well."

So do you still think porn has no harm to you? Even a porn star said that you’re wrong! So are you gonna still stare at your phone or would you get up already and start living your life!

Start Nofap!!!


Sometimes i feel sad about the woman who fell in darkside of P industry maybe just because a financial prob or bad environment. :disappointed_relieved:

it just not only about us but so heartbreaking If their parents know about what her daughter do.

Can we stop it capt ?


Me too bro but be grateful that your part of such great community. I am grateful to God that I came to know about Nofap while I’m 15 years old this year at such early age.

There are lots of people in this world that are suffering from PMO, so many that I feel like there’s a revolution coming :fire: I feel like a battle started especially this year in No Nut November.

The only way to stop the porn industry is to make it loose money. How to make it loose money? By making it loose people!!! If we make this revolution happen the PORN industry will be finished.

And the porn empire will be destroyed!! :statue_of_liberty:


Agreed! Honestly i’m bit jealous , you know about nofap in that age :expressionless: destroy p industry is difficult but its possible . I’m impressed about what youre doing in this Community, you change our mindset and supporting us in creative way :grinning: . it was huge impact for the world also one big step to achieve this goal. Keep it up capt :sparkles:


O really :smirk:
Well I’m not the only one here, @Sholt_Tenkerrot and @NofapperAADI are also 15. @prothekter_aden is 16

Also, @NofapperAADI did a 213 days streak :fire:
Don’t underestimate teenagers bro if we said that we can destroy the Porn empire then we can :sunglasses:

Yep always keep that in mind

Thanks, you’re the first one that I truly admired and also motivated me recently. Thank you brother now let’s kill this monster really bad!!! Only 27.5 days left

Let’s do iiiiiiittttt


Haha , I Feel like old men right now , I know it in early 20’s :rofl: … 200++ nofap is incredible for real , he must be tough guy right now



Yeh that’s why he’s the general of the west


Yeah I got a new challenge , I must chasing you , him and other general :joy::facepunch:t2:


He’ll turn 16 in 18 more days bro.


Really? how did you know that?
If that’s the case then his Birthday is getting close


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What’s your age rn?

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how rude , its classified for now :grin::rofl:

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:rofl::rofl: I am 24 myself. Older than many here.

Age doesn’t matter :sunglasses: the important thing is … ? :sweat_smile:


How confident you are in yourself

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so close :joy: but no its not the answer

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I related the answer to what you said above, that you are jealous of these kids knowing about nf.

But I think the answer you were looking for would be der aae durust aae.


that’s impressive argument :relieved: , but i’m still looking for the answer by myself if age doesn’t matter what kind reason to be a Men not just about confident but something inside called commitment to be an adult.

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Confidence in yourself means self belief. And according to me it is the most important thing in any sphere of life.