My Experience, Challenge 1

I am almost 22 and had been addicted to PMO for almost 4 years and things only got worse as the time passed, I lost my memory and concentration something I was very good at, and of course the feeling of shame was something that I felt daily. I wanted to change and tried also but failed many times. And things have only gotten worse as the time passed, during this lockdown of almost 6 months till now I have watched porn and masturbated daily and sometimes twice, at that time it was something I felt powerless in front of. Every day I had my goals set for the day, and I tried to achieve them than the lust for porn came in, I would waste 2-3hours on that daily and sometimes more and after done I would feel weak to do anything hardly accomplished the goals and the cycle went on every day. Now I have decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I’m not powerless, I have the motivation and the will to fight this monster. Today I completed my day 1 of recovery. I read few posts about how people managed their time to complete the day without being defeated, here’s how I did it.

  1. Reduced my YouTube use. ( Normally I would spend 2-3 hours watching videos on YouTube, but yesterday I mainly used YouTube to listen to videoless musics)

  2. Used lumosity for barin games. ( completed the daily set)

  3. Read a section of a book. ( Reading book was something that I loved alot, always had the names of good authors and books that I plan to read but because of my PMO addiction I couldn’t find time and motivation for that. Yesterday I downloaded a book " Black Box Thinking : And why some people don’t learn from their mistakes" a great book and read almost 50 pages of this book, and loved them. One thing I also did was calculated the number of days left in this year divided with 10 ( no of days at max can be spend on one book) and got the Total no of books that I should read in these days. And hopefully I Will.

  4. Listened to music on Spotify. ( I usually listen alot of music Beethoven, Mozart, listen what you like the most.)

  5. At the end of the day I treated myself by watching 1 episode of a season than I went to sleep.

Now I have started my 2nd challenge, which would be of 3 days, and hopefully will succeed in that also.

I need all of you guys’ support to get through this, also tell me how can I improve.


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You are doing nice to yourself , you can share with us your new habbits that you are enjoying it to motivate all in here … keep going

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Add exercise and then you’re good to go. Quite possible that there’s no immediate effect, so I think it’s best to wait atleast for a week or two to see the effects.

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