My experience about Quiting PMO

Everyone needs the pleasure of mind, whether through food, drugs, Porn, or any other thing because it is human nature.

I finally realized that you need to change your state of Mind. After struggling to quit PMO, life is becoming more pleasurable.

By the Grace of God - I don’t feel any urges, and living my life PMO-FREE. It would help if you changed your mindset toward PMO.

I am giving you my experience that you should follow if you want to escape this trap.

Please print out the Following Words on Paper and Stick them on the wall, and daily Read whenever you wake up in the morning and go to Sleep.

Prayer of Serenity
God grant me their serenity to accept the things I can not change
Courage to change the things I can
& wisdom to know the difference

Prayer of Gratitude
I thank God from the bottom of my heart
For giving me the healthy life
For giving me a shelter
For giving me fresh food, Air & water
For allowing me to have a noble education
Having such a fantastic family
For selfless teachers for sharing the wisdom
I thank my parent for bringing me up
Thanks a lot, God, for everything that I have

And the second thing is that you need a clear vision for your life - if your vision is evident and extensive than this pleasurable shit, you will feel that PMO is nothing.

I set my vision very clearly and don’t even count days and worry about how many days are going without fapping.

I recommend that everyone read the IKIGAI book to find their passion and vision of life.

I hope this post or article will help you - save this post for future purposes.

I am on the mission to change the mindset of people toward PMO, and if you want to ask me something, then I am ready to help you.

JUST drop a mail by writing your question at [email protected] or drop a message on Instagram at

Thank you for your time

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