My Daily Report

This is My Daily Activity and No Masterbation follow up diary


:arrow_right: 19 July 2022

I just joined this platform to get rid of masterbation , it has totally spoiled my life , my soul , my body , i was a very handsome boy in my class but now I feel depressed when I see myself in the mirror, on this diary i will update my daily activities and what I feel daily and what will I do daily to stop this evil masterbation habit. :smiling_imp:
Thanks guys for following me :blush:



We are with u in this brother. Keep fighting. Be like Hanuman ji who was a Brahmachari himself.

Jai Hanuman!


You are right bro we all should follow brahmcharya in our teenage, masterbation is destroying Today kids future. Hope Hanuman jii will help me in this journey :pray::heart:

:arrow_right:20 July 2022 #day 1

No urges today , very hectic day , have to do a lot of work, also tried to learn about stock market trading today
I feel good today :relaxed:


:arrow_right: Day 9th , 28 July 2022

Hard urges are coming of masterbation and to watch porn , i will not give up , i will fight with this evil inside me . He is also forcing me to fuck my own sister. But I will not let him win . Let’s see what happens with me. God bless me and my pennis

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