My daily diary 🌟

It’s my 2nd clean day of challenge alhumdulillah
Today from 2 am to 3:30 am i was studying and then took a break to eat something and started study again at 4 AM and it continued till 9AM but there were 2 breaks in bw
Then i went to sleep at 9:30 am and woke up at 2 pm
Then after doing my breakfast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: went for studying from 2:30 till 4 pm then took a break and then again study session from 5pm to 7:50
Then i had my dinner. After dinner i started my study again at 8:30 PM and then continued to 9 pm. From 9 to 11: 45 pm i had an online lecture.
After that i took a break and watched my fav show on YouTube and then started study session at 1am. That continued till 3 am then a break and session again at 4AM to 5 Am
Till now i enjoyed my break with a cup of tea and checking for imp notifications.
Plz pray for me :star2:


Bro when you sleep?? & how many hours?
Because you study when you need to sleep.

You actually messed up your schedule(as per my opinion)
Studying in night (not good for Health) where as you can wake up early then sleeping late(that’s more effective way as much as I know)


Bruh. I don’t understand. You studied like all day.
Studying β‰  Life
Why study so much? Also why are you sleeping during the day? I’m confused. Are exams coming up soon or something?
Not saying studying is bad, and you may have a good reason to be, but you gotta get some wisdom too. Knowledge is pointless if you aren’t learning from your mistakes and GOD every day.

Yup my exams are near

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Actually my exams are near so that’s why the schedule is shuffled

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