My daily diary (22M) - Day 1

I’m only just starting on this forum and I’m not sure how to use it exactly, but fuck it.

Here’s the deal, I’ve been pretty severely addicted since I was about 15 years old in 2014…and my longest ever streak has been about 9 days…so yeah, pretty bad.

Normally I can barely make it past a day, and tbh I’m done with this bullshit and i know I’m much better than this. I’ve just graduated from university and have been applying to jobs for the past few months and i know i just can’t continue like this as i go from a university student with (relatively) little responsibility in life to (hopefully soon) a full time worker with actual responsibilities.

Long story short, I’ve tried this hundreds of times and failed time and time again… it’s reached a point where the tiniest urge leads to me relapsing, and an endless cycle of shame. And the funny thing is that, looking back after every relapse i realise i never actually enjoy PMO, it’s just so deeply ingrained in my day to day habits… and I’ve literally never known anything else during my entire adult life so far.

I need to fundamentally change my mindset about everything in life if i want i succeed in this journey.

I’m gonna be posting daily updates of my journey, and if anyone has any advice… feel free to give it.

Edit: Also, I’d love to have an accountability partner, if anyone’s down


you will succeed brother :+1:

I’ve been really busy these days but will continue posting my journal on saturday👍