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Next time, Supa hot husband! XD

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Starting New Year With New hope, Welcome 2021

I am starting from Scratch
Right Now I am at Day 0, Let’s Stretch this to Day 365 at the end of Year 2021



Hello to all

This Is Day 2 of my Journey
In this 2021, I am determined to do which I didn’t achieve in Life.
visualising my “Prana” energy Climbing to Upper Chakras whenever I got Urges, It helped me to shift my attention, It helped initially in 2020 when I achieved my highest ever recorded streak in my life, From April 2020 I forgot it completely and from where My addiction got stronger.

Now I am Back on Track

I sometimes want March 2020 back when I was in full control :pensive:

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@rowdy_nik bro… what’s up itne dino baad


Mixed Day
But I am proud That today I defeated Evil time killer, During Browsing I mistakenly peeked through 18+ but I Bounced back, And Studied with focus

on pervious instances I Give up to my Urges and got Depressed, filled my mindspace with past and guilt . But today was different :sunglasses:


Good Morning guys

Back with New Energy and New Enthusiasm.
Postpone Short Term Pleasure :blush:



Check in
Day 1

One of the best days spent since I downloaded this App Although I failed to Qualify 2 competitive Exams of my career But Today I Implemented Right Steps in Right Direction

Perfect implemented Dopamine Detox Successfully :white_check_mark:
Felt More Focused throughout the Day :white_check_mark:
Started Day with Surya Pooja :white_check_mark:
Started Challenge with @JumpingBuddha for 21 days to make Habit loop
Studied More in Quantity and with Quality :white_check_mark:

Fine Day to End :blush:
One of the days when I look back and take pride in
Many more to come :sunglasses:



hello to all
After so many days I’m writing something
Right now I am in challenge with @ayushbantaiji , I am now challenging my bad habits
Also several improvements I am watching in myself, after completing successfully 21 days with @JumpingBuddha , I felt confident that this one I make it big but unfortunately overconfidence and peeking through porn websites wasted my effort ,
Since then I was in challenge with @Ash_Matt and @ayushbantaiji with full discipline because I want to change myself , I am starting with 7 days and looking to continue with this formulae to stay discipline in short bursts.

I will sure that discipline and short bursts of 7 days will give myself assurance
I am determined to stay positive and channel my energy to creative force

And also I am changing my title of this thread

Goodbye to all


Good going brother @SincereDev .

All the best. Try to not make it stressful. Try to imbibe the goodness of brahmacharya like flow of water.
Keep steady and sturdy.


Don’t u dare to peek , in this streak . I’m watching u :eyes::eyes::eye:

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The Greatest enemy and Friend of one was oneself.

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Or let’s put it this way
Mind when controlled is your best friend, when not is your worst enemy :wink:
You should know where this is from

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I Hate to lose… I Hate to lose, Wheather any challenge in real life or in forum. :angry::angry::angry:

Day by day I am hating myself much more to fail consistently
I am fucking loser who can’t control over his bodily short term pleasure and This forum is reminding myself how Fucked up my life was amidst of some legend
I am feeling gutted day by day
My mental Health was deteriorating day by day
Before This forum my frequency was low but now I can’t handle anymore pressure.

I want Urgent Break from You guys. Please Guide me
My aim was to Eliminate PMO from my life in August 2020 But Today I am again at Day 0 :angry:

I can’t bear this

bas badi bdi baate hi kar raha ho baar baar…

Guys I am Taking Break from the forum to Empty my Extra thoughts and overthinking

Will back to Group by Starting of March
continue to use app and share my progress to all of you

Was a Bad decision to take break from forum,I destroyed my Discipline
Now Starting from Scratch


Brother @SincereDev everything will get better. Life is such a beautiful gift. In hard times we won’t remember it; but it is the fact.
Don’t pressure yourself too much. You can conquer this addiction. Thousands of people before us have done it and everyday people are reaching 200 days 300+ days etc. People who were in worse condition than us when they started.
Consider this as a new beginning and commit 100%. You will achieve all your dreams; forget everything else and focus only them.
Our mind is the most powerful weapon in this world. Anything is possible if we really learn to us it. For that we must take pmo away from it. Then only we’ll gain control over it.
Bro please read two books- ‘The Power of your Subconscious Mind’ and ‘The secret’
Even if you didn’t read any other book read the former one I suggested. That book is the most life changing book I’ve ever came across in life. Read it and your life will start changing.