My Confession about my mistakes in April 2022

In the month of march I bought new phone. It was 23rd march. But on 2nd or 3rd april, I created an account in a p-website. That was the biggest mistake in my life. I tried to delete the account. But I again came back because that was very luring. Then I bacame friend with someone in that p and adult dating website. The person behaved well at first but after two or three days he started to convey his agenda with me. He started to tell me that you can’t quit p ever. Because everywhere there is s*xism or nu**ty. He also tried to convince me that you cant quit even masturbation. It is impossible. The person was of 19 years only.

TBH , I fapped more than 3 times in a day in April, May and June.

He believed what he wanted to believe.

And I believe that quitting PMO is itself possible.
Then I changed email ID related to the account and started to learn dialectical behavioural therapy. It was helpful but everything was not that easy. I many time created account in that website. Then finally I joined rewirecompanion in july. It was life changing.

Then I found @anon87955785 @Binocular @BlackMagic123 @Samaranjay @Sholt_Tenkerrot who are very friendly. I tried to achieve a good streak because of some awesome challenges.

Still I am struggling at times.

Thank you all


I had a similar problem, I used to create and delete account on a site multiple times :sweat_smile:.
Just focus bro, focus on regular exercise, meditation, hobby passion.
And embrace the torture in Initial days, not looking at porn and or not masturbating will feel like a torture in beginning, you will tend to go towards them compulsively but as I said embrace the torture embrace the pain. Gains after few days will be enormous and we’ll thank ourselves for embracing the pain.


True the only side effects of no fapp is pain, nuts pain and brain torture, that’s it. PMO side effects well we all know that.


Nofap is the only way to find our true selves again after being negatively edited by PMO
PMO: Why Nofap?
Nofap: Why not?
You: I want to be myself and the only way for that is:


@Amitroghates you are not just a Rewire Companion, you are also our trusted friend :blush: (and also a teacher if you think about it)


Let’s break free together :fire:


Owning up to your mistakes is a very big things but now it’s time to enhance yourself to a better version.

For each and everyone to achieve success in no matter which field we’ll have to struggle, every time you fail you’ve got bounce back and fall forward rather than backward. You learn and move forward.
Keep Going.
Best of luck.


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