My brothers i am here

New to this app. Have completed a full year of NoFap and 7 month semen retention. Restarting after a slip up but all is good. Looking for some brothers to motivate and motivate me too. Follow me and let’s ascend like Goku!


Nice to welcome you here!

I’m sure you have so much to share with others.

Like Goku :fist_right: :fist_left:


Wow that’s huge!
I hope to get there someday.
Be very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


I am in. My details-
Sharing code- ms1fd6
Current streak- 150 days


Ah… I know how it feels after falling from a great height. It’s been more than an year since I’ve made a 365, however after the relapse it is getting quite difficult to get back on a long streak falling on an average of 40-50s. Would like to connect with you, to make an another 365 together.

This is my second great streak so it is possible to jump back on again man.

Join me because I’m definitely doing it again right now.


Cool. Have fallen for chaser effect lately ?

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