My brother stalked me on this forum and red all posts

Then he told me: “Woah, I didn’t know you feel that bad and share these experiences in public to strangers”.


Wow. I hope you’re doing okay man. I know you were worried about someone seeing your posts on here before.

Always be careful about your online presence. It’s the main reason I don’t share much of my personal journey although I’d love to do so.


Set up a password… i think its in paid version of the app.

No we can set password in free version also @Sahas

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Sounds bad man, I can imagine what you feel. Try to see the positive part: the “secret” is out and this takes a burden of your shoulders. No need to hide. This might be a chance for your brother to take you more seriously. Also a chance for you to let go of whatever shame you might be carrying with you. Take care.