My brain is missing something

I feel is brain is missing something,.
Two weeks ago I relapsed after my longest streak of 82 days, started to feel mi brain wanted to dopamine , I did what always do close my eyes let the desire entert brain and after 10 to 20 minutes the felling didn’t not disappear , and today after 7 days I relapsed again, I dont want to come back the the adiction, even the relapsed the 82 days have changed me,
I want to know what you think, and What should I do
Sorry fory broken english


I relapsed after 180+ days. I had a relapse streak for two weeks. It wasn’t fun. I still haven’t fully recovered from it 9 days after regathering myself. Apart from doing the standard things, like no phone in private, no social media and early to bed, I can recommend making a list of reasons why you are doing nofap. Also, keeping a journal, either privately or in a group, or in this thread, can help keep focused on what you are doing and help you reflect on your feelings. When I write down things, I’m forced to think about them and I give myself time to do so.

It might also help to link an action to feeling an urge/dopamine craving, such as having a cold shower, or doing a chore. This will satisfy your dopamine needs in a healthy way. Your brain will slowly realise that porn is no longer an option to get dopamine, but you need to make sure that happens. I can’t do that for you
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

P.S., 82 days is an amazing streak! You got this!

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