My brain is completely mess

So , right now I am on day 2. I was going good for 11 days but at the end I relapsed. My main problem is my mindset .
Don’t know why I think that my semen should be only clean. I know this is a stupid thought , most people will laugh on this but I am suffering from this.
For eg , if I got an urge and I watched a actress pic , somehow I manage to control my urges but later my mind keeps thinking that you should relpse completely and start again. This is the case in which I lost my 15 days streak in november.
Yesterday I had to install Instagram for some work but you know Ig is soft porn site and from then my mind keeps thinking that I should relapse . How stupid this is


Only you can counter your mindset bro… You need to control your head and it shouldn’t control you. When you quit, Ofcourse your brain will try to instill some thoughts into your head to make sure you relapse… Well, it needs its daily dose of dopamine right. When those thoughts come, give a strong counter argument. Infact prepare for it before hand. For example. When it tells you, relapse and start again… You can say, how many times? I can keep restarting for an year or so and I won’t reach anywhere. The ones thats real serious about quitting will quit then and there. Not tomorrow, not an hour later, now!! You know your head bro, you already know the thoughts that will bother you before u even quit. Make counter arguments ready, fight with your head, give to it proper reasons why it’s best you don’t relapse, how it will help you in future and why there is an urgency to quit. Your head will listen to valid reasons.

You can do it bro…

Good luck!!


Thanks for the advice my friend.
I think this very useful for everyone who relapse only because of mind traps.


Thanks for your advice my friend . I will follow this.
We will win this fight!


Don’t worry too much about the relapse, what’s important is persevering and getting better each time.

Each time you get a naughty thought and push it away, you build the self control to continue. So don’t think it’s hopeless and that you should just give up, be proud of what you achieved so far and remind yourself the next time to push harder.

15 days if very good let’s go for 21 now