My Addiction Experience - PMO

When I was in class 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th - I promised myself that I will never drink alcohol or consume any drugs and as I promised myself - one could not convince me to consume Alcoholic supplements. I confidently believe that this addiction can’t beat me and it is true. I just tasted the Alcoholic drink but never get addicted because of my strong belief in my subconscious mind. 2 years ago I left to drink beer or Alcohol that I drink occasionally or in very rare cases - When I didn’t want to drink then no one can convince me even my very close one.

I always said to people how addiction can break people’s minds and why they don’t get rid of it. I said to many people that addiction never controlled me.

There was a time when I realized that How much hard to get out of an Addiction. I came to know about the Masturbation and Porn addiction that I was enjoying daily in my life journey. I was doing masturbation and watching porn since 2013 and came to know how hard the addiction is when I first started the nofap challenge of 7 days and hardly I reached 2 days.

It broke my all beliefs regarding Addiction and I was asking myself that You were saying Why people do not get out of the addiction when it is easy for me?

I realized that it is not easy also to leave every addiction because everyone makes strong beliefs regarding particular things and makes a lifestyle by taking actions toward that beliefs.

For example, when we start watching porn and start masturbating initially - we enjoyed it a lot because a lot of friends are in our circle to support and influence us - and no one will tell us that it is an addiction. So we start masturbating daily and watching porn daily, start talking about the shitty things with our friends, and start feeding our minds. Our subconscious mind starts getting fed with these things that become our habit that decides our lifestyle.

After some years we realized that It is an addiction that prevents us to live a happier and more successful life but It gets too late and now it becomes very hard to leave.

The real hero is that who can stop this addiction. I started my nofap journey 2 years ago but I was counting days and my streak was like 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 21 days, 30 days, etc., and not more than that. But I explored a lot about the addiction and found the root cause that helped me a lot.

I don’t count days that push me to don’t watch porn and masturbation but I just remember the first date when I promised to leave this addiction and that date is (1 January 2022) and i countinue to my nofap journey without ejaculating from this date.



Man,you are an inspiration to all of the rebooters in Rewire :fire: :name_badge:

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Thank you @PAARTHnf1234

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Well said buddy, well said :clap::clap::clap:

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thank you @Surbatingsi

happy for you bro, you’re a great guy, I started my nofap journey on Dec 20, 2021 so we’re pretty much on the same streak. At first, I also counted the days, but then I gave it up and simply did not pay attention to it, and it became much easier for me. I just did some of my own things every day, and then after a while I went into the application and looked at the days and was surprised that I could live so long without PMO. Good luck everyone

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Yes @Zelus - Now I can feel the life very deeply because life is amazing without PMO.

Just we have to understand it.
Best of Luck for your further journey


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