My Accountability Thread

@Tazo Welcome to this forum,

I think, you can join. You can add me as your companion (sharing code: s3qiil).

By the way, had a relapse in the morning, so I start at 0 days again. :confounded:

Welcome, feel free to join.
My code - v8l8ic

@Ruffy: you’re gaining nofap xp either ways. As long as you keep trying to stay clean, you’ll get better at it.

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8 days going strong guys. How are you all doing? One of my personal weaknesses was getting triggered unintentionally. And then capitalising on that by seeking, essentially beginning on the path to relapse. I’ve been hopelessly repeating the same pattern over and over for a year.

I’ve now made it a rule for myself that ANYTHING in the form of a Google search, YouTube search etc (even with safe search and chrome extensions) is a reset for my counter


Adopting stricter rules for what counts as a relapse is a good idea. I should do that too.

11 days for me so far. Urges are well in check.

I use the same rules like you, but I have to get better. At the moment there is no considerable progress.

Hey guys. Would you be interested in a copy of my spreadsheet that tracks your progress visually? You can probably gather how it works from the photo below. P.s. I stole the idea from reddit

It gives me a little extra motivation and makes me not want to frequently (binge) reset the colours whenever I’ve relapsed


Meeeeeeeeeeee I want it it looks cool lol

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Link shared below. Download it or make a copy for your Google Drive. It’s handy as a Google sheets file as it autosaves and can access it on any device. Pro tip, bookmark it if you regularly use a pc.


12 days, nearly 13. Not feeling amazing or anything. But it beats feeling 0% like in the days after a relapse. That’s enough for me :sunglasses:

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Day 16, it is intense and energy levels are high. I feel like I can get a lot of work done in a short time. No lethargy, no laziness and no procrastination. Whenever strong urges surface sometimes, I practice staying mentally clean. Its working so far.

DAY 19, confidence and energy levels are really high. Motivation to keep going is higher than ever.
Hope you guys are sustaining your streaks too.


16 days, feeling decent and less fatigued. Though there’s always that battle to not peek in times when I find myself physically alone

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