[MUST READ] The Never Fap Again System

All thanks to God (Allah), I’ve created a system which is ensuring that I will never fap again.

first of all, I have three apps installed that remind me of my streak including this one, ManDontFap and NoFap. I actively participate in them and receive my dopamine validation from these sources.

second of all, I have sexual content material blocking applications. one application Is called Bulldog blocker. I set the settings on it so that it i want to cancel the block, i will have to wait for two hours in order to do so. by this two hours I need to be honest with myself about my goals and what I want in life and that it’s my own strong choice to end my fapping. Then I cancel the unblock countdown and it’s reset and will no longer be unblocked. I also set the settings to block sexual content from reddit, google images or any type of website at all! I don’t want any of this garbage.

I also have a website blocker so it automatically blocks selected websites and applications including facebook instagram snapchat youtube so I don’t go on autopilot and waste my time there. I work on my laptop and study on my laptop. in order to use these apps on my phone again I have to write a long passwords to unblock. after I’m done I instantly block it but I have no intention of using these unless it’s absolutely mandatory and necessary. also, the password I set reminds me of not wasting time. for example my password is that God is watching me. and that reminds me I must not engage in garbage activities and strive to be successful before my death.

thirdly, I have my journal in which I have set my long term goals and my plans and I actively engage in the progress everyday.

fourthly, I have set keystone habits to accomplish. these include everyday cold showers, everyday workout, eating healthy everyday, praying, reading The Qur’an, reading books, wimhoff meditation and progressing in my long term goals.
NOW, each of these topics I have set them all as a big deal and a major factor. What I mean by this is, when I think about working out I don’t just think of it as a minor daily habit. i have my long term physique and strength goals and know how it will correspond to all my long term goals and benefit me positively in my 20’s 30’s 40’s and beyond. same goes for All other keystone factors.

I also research in to these factor as well and write down in my journal. for example benefits of building muscle. I write it down on my journal with a pen to reinforce it in my mind. I also write negative effects of not doing these factors in my journal.

fifthly, I trust in Allah (God).

sixth, I transfer my sexual energy in to thinking about my future wife and how I must be a man for her. and not some pussy who jacks off everyday. I want to be strong Alpha male who dominates in all aspects of life.

follow my journey. if I see there are enough people who are interested then I will support you all with my advice.


That’s awesome bro :+1::+1::+1:
Keep up the good work
Keep posting useful tips and strategies.
Do you have an emergency system to combat urges and triggers?

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0duzj7 this is my code
Add me as your companion

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Added you brother :+1::+1::+1:


When you say emergency what are you specifically referring to? This depends on the situation.

The tips I gave is basically staying 10 steps ahead. I am not going to put myself in the position to be in a emergency situation. That’s why I put all the blockers. Now there’s barely any fight and use of willpower required. And when I get the basic urges I reinforce myself honestly that I don’t want the negative effects and that this is simply addiction. I don’t want to be addicted to this anymore like one is addicted to crack cocaine heroin.

Therefore, I will keep using this strategy till my brain is rewired. And still keep using it because I don’t even want to look at sexual images online if it’s not my wife. By the next two years of no porn and progressing my goals I will have my wife to engage with sexually and that will be fulfilling for me.


Wow… That’s very thoughtful.
But let’s be practical… Down this road… A time will come when our motivation will decrease and if we don’t have discipline to save us, we will put ourselves in temptation zone of triggers… Have u made an emergency plan to activate at that time like run away from triggers, exercise cold shower etc. That is very important. We can’t rely on motivation. We need to put discpline in place as a new habit and routine from which we do not go astray and which is trigger free.
But planning ahead for our inborn human weaknesses is very important.
Following your routine guarantees no relapse. But do you have a plan to put yourself back on track when temptations come from sources you never imagined with sudden Dopamine rush. Like a millisecond of glimpse of girl on street or TV (when family is watching). Or flashbacks or triggering memories?


For me, the biggest emergency is remembering that Allah (God) is indeed watching me. Actually I have been receiving a lot of blessings in my life Alhamdulillah thanks to God. And I know that by doing this horrible sin, it will destroy me and the blessings will be taken away.

This is the emergency. I remove my phone or any external entities. I meditate and stay grounded and think deeply about the truth of life and the truth of my life. I recognize that the devil flowing through my blood and hijacks my brain is the reason for these suggestions to lead myself astray.

Then I remind myself that death is near. I may die today, despite being so young. Some of my friends have died at ages younger than me in the past. Several of my friends father’s have died. Death is the one truth nobody can deny. I remember death.

I know that time in this life is limited. I do not want to waste it with regrets. The most important thing for me are my long term goals which I already wake up everyday for. I am quite deep in the journey of my purpose. This PMO seems to be the one of two or three major self defeating obstacles. The other two are: management of my sexual energy towards progress of my goals and the unknown.

The unknown is for Allah to decide when It comes to my own awareness.

However, management of sexual energy is something I need to master. It’s the other side of the coin. I am stopping PMO yes but all this true energy and testosterone which I have been meant to be used to is something I am not used to anymore.

About 1.5 years ago I was months and months of NoFap streak and at that time I was indeed making good use of it. It’s time to go back and embrace the energy that is my own rather than throwing it away.

It’s about being a man and embracing being a man and transforming within

The discipline you speak of gets hammered in to me along with progress of my purpose as my purpose demands these things already.


Wow… That’s the right mindset :+1::+1::+1:.
You are on the right track buddy and YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS . I will also apply this mindset. THANKS :heart:


I already have alot of habits in place. I started journalling 5 or more years ago every single day since then.

I started lifting 4 years ago. With all the typical goals like six pack and building lean muscle.

I started meditating years back tho I lost the habit.

I started cold showers 3-4 years back and still do it.

I eat healthy since 3-4 years. Right now it’s most optimum:
Everyday I have minimum 2 li water, green tea with lemon, chicken/fish/beef, veggies (broccoli, zucchini, spinach, lentils etc),

Two bananas
Two dates
One apple
One glass of natural orange juice

Two glasses whole milk

Salad bowl (sardines, lettuce, super greens, spinach leaves, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, capsicum red yellow, etc

Greek yogurt + chia seed, flaxseed, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peruvian maca powder, unsalted Mixed Nuts

Herbal testosterone supplements like ginseng horny goat weed etc


After reading this… Now I am getting motivated to change my diet.
Keep the good work up bro👍


Assalamualaikum and a welcome to the community brother.


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