Musical Hallucinations During NOFAP. Am I Alone?

Hello Friends. Im Kaito Kid ( 17 M Indian) .Current streak is 4 days.

The Problem of Musical Hallucinations

Im having Musical hallucinations which is also known as Stuck song syndrome. In this problem, any song , listened in past keeps on repeating itself in Mind .

The Song is not something unique or which i regularly listen. Its something very different ( may be from movies) once upon a time heard and now suddenly starts ringing in my ears. Sometimes, I dont get to listen the song but the music of instruments. Its not a complete systematic song but rings in my ear randomly and in phrases.

So Why trouble us ? Visit a doctor

Yes , but it doesn’t happen always. I did an analysis, according to which it happens specially during NOFAP

It starts basically for me from Day 3 or 4 onwards for a week and then stops. Then occasionally during Day 20 or 30 and even at Day 60. (I don’t know after that as my highest streak was 60 days, that too 23 months ago)

May be , It has nothing to do with NOFAP

I don’t know whether its related to NOFAP or not. But I know it has something to do with FAP. My musical hallucinations immediately go after fapping as if a magic !

Many a times, the stuck song in brain leads to poor concentration. I face problems while studying. I feel so low and depressed due to wastage of time because of this shit that I relapse and the music goes away.

Medical science says excess of dopamine leads to hallucinations specially auditory ones

I dont know . Mine seems to be opposite !.

1.Can someone help who has even an iota of knowledge regarding this?

2. Am I alone in this trouble ?

3. Off topic - can anyone suggest a way to quit musical hallucinations?

It happens to me also.
It gives me a boost of confidence and positive energy when i am walking.

It is a trouble for me when i am trying to sleep.

Dont worry… it will eventualy go away when you become present in the moment after your REBOOT.

No. It lowers my confidence and disturbs my mind intensely.
Due to poor concentration levels, I can’t study which leads to frustrations and sadness.

Thats great but , I want to get rid as soon as possible due to upcoming exams! So I need an another way around

Internet says excess of dopamine leads to hallucinations. But , excess of dopamine should mean greater enthusiasm and energy , but as Im on Day 4 , im in flatline, disinterested in almost everything. Need Help

Hahahaahahaha… Sounds like … you are going to relapse … soon.

Prove me wrong.


@Kaito_Kid1412 I think only meditation can solve this problem. You can also try “tratak” which really helps in increasing concentration.

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Hearing music in your head is pretty normal, I wouldn’t worry about it. If a particular song gets stuck in my head, I listen to it over and over until my brain gets bored of it and moves on.

It might be that your relapses leave your brain in such a state that it isn’t able to think about music, and the return of the music is a sign of recovery?

I agree with @17ripu.jhala that meditation might be helpful. Learning to meditate teaches to your concentrate and focus, even when being distracted.