Music festival trigger

I went to a music festival yesterday, all these women wearing revealing outfits. Today I relapsed. How do I deal with this? Not go to music festivals anymore?

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Haha was it Rolling Loud? My friends went, tons of cuties for sure.

Don’t ogle women. Dont stare at them like you just got out of prison. Yes… staring at hot women becomes so tempting once you start building up that streak, but it doesnt really do you any good. Unless you’re going to approach her you shouldnt be doing it. I hit the gym a couple times a week, and there’s always a handful of hot gym girls that go the same time as me. I use to stare super hard at them :eyes::eyes::eyes:. But then I learned that my mind would just bring up those images late at night while I was urging which ultimately would lead to relapse. So I stopped creeping on gym girls lol.

Instead of staring at her curves try to get eye contact. If she maintains it she might be attracted to you too. Then you might actually have a chance with her. Be in control of your sexuality/sexual energy. Don’t let it control you.

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For right now it is good to avoid situations where you’re going to get aroused. Now remember that getting aroused is natural. And when you get aroused is when the true challenge arises. What are you going to do instead of fapping? Find hobbies and go do them. It’s a good thing too you recognize that as a trigger so find coping mechanisms to help get you through it.


I dont have hobbies right now because I’m trying to find a job. It’s hard when you’re on the computer all day sending resumes, then the night comes and you realize you just spent another day of your life sending emails over and over, all by yourself in a room. What kind of life is this. No girl friend. Then I see my crushes Instagram and she’s going to these parties and travelling, and I can’t be with her because I’m unemployed. No friends. The stress and depression builds.


Don’t give up man. There is always sunshine after rain. Keep up the fight and doing what’s right and in time it will turn out. Feel free to add me as a companion and message me if you need someone to talk with. My sharing code is e13b3d

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