[Moy.Vera's Diary] Overcoming obstacles in your Recovery

Once your in the midst of your recovery, for most part you feel on top of the world, but at the same time, you will feel a whole wave of things you have never felt before, because you never faced them head on due to using PMO as a coping mechanism. I realized even after stopping Porn and Masturbation, there was still issues that I needed to face like my Anger issues. The anger episodes began to increasingly grow once The days passed on, I also noticed that since I didnt have any virtual gratification, I had to seek it or find a loophole in other forms like even going for drives with the intent to look at women mostly jogging or out in public. The rush I got from that was almost like how i used to feel with PMO. There were moments where I felt I was helpless and wasn’t going to break the cycle, that I was just going to relapse again, but I didnt I kept going, I realized how far Ive come, and no matter what comes my way I will overcome. These days have gotten better, my anger issues have toned down ive been seeking therapy for it, but I also have been relearning to admire and respect the beauty of women and not objectify them as objects for my pleasure. There will always be room for improvements within yourself, but as long as you never give up, things will be alright.