Moving school , help

basically the situation is that I am moving school to study at a different school for my senior years but the school I have just come from is an all boys school and the new one is mixed, iam not sure if I’ll fit in seeing as I barely ever talk to girls except on text. need advice


Relax dont fap automatically you will be your best version

Just be yourself


Why do you fuss about all this bro? Let it all happen naturally. Quit PMO, actively work on improving social skills and improving yourself. Let’s see where it goes.

Just get out and cold approach random people on the street. That’s how we master this fear you have.


I think I’m socially capable but maybe not with girls as I haven’t had any experience from 11-16 (which is now) I think I’m overthinking it like if I should talk how I do with the boys to girls idk

Don’t overthink it, in fact don’t even think. just talk whatever comes to mind. You get better with practise and will be talking effortlessly the more you try. If you want more guidance, there are tons of vids on YouTube. I reccommend improvement pill.
Just improve social skills, that means practice every chance you get.

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I’ve been moving around most of my life, and if it’s one thing that I’ve learned, is that whatever happens, unless you’re mean, people generally take interest in you. Now, at first you’d probably make friends with the boys, and slowly, you’ll start communicating with the girls. But don’t sweat it. And don’t force!


yeah I know i was being stupid lol
I’m alright now
school starts in 2 days now haha


You are so lucky that at least your school is opening. They will not open ours or at least they said they will do it in next 10 days, they changed it and they probably chamge it again.

Just relax and be yourself. Talk with girls like you talk to everyone of your friends now and be polite than you always fine :smiley:

Right now, i would do anything to get back to school and see all my friends again. Don’t take stuff for granted man. Enjoy every moment.

this is an update.
iam now 25 days into NF
I have made many many freinds at my new school.
I find it very very easy to talk to girls now and many either approach me or generally look at me and then look away quickly (uno what that means)
it’s easier to concentrate I feel and look different and my voice is naturally wayyy deeper.
still struggling with sleep but I no longer go on my phone at night past 11pm.

Thanks all of you lot on here its really helped. especially on this thread itself❤️



Happy to hear that bro…Keep hustling!! :smile::smile:

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thanks bro on 35 days now

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Keep us posted :slight_smile: @fappy
No offense, but why is your username fappy? Nofappy would be more accurate :grin:

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We can’t change our usernames ever after we choose them, can we? That’s a bummer.

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One can actually @neetwarrior
Its in the preferences menu

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I just read a whole transformation of a person in two minutes. Great to see. Keep doing what you’re doing!


that was the 13 yr olds me version of a joke


I’ll do that soon thanks

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thanks man
I will keep posting here for real