Motivation: What are the benefits you experienced during noFap journey?

I need regular motivations to prevent fallback. Kindly share the experiences you noticed in your body and mind when on NoFap. This will help me a lot.

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DAY 37

So far greatest benefit is Courage

Courage to face my fears & challenges of everyday life.


Day 63 with GOD’s Help. Here are some of the benefits I’m experiencing:
:boom:Greatly increased confidence and self-esteem
:boom:Happiness after years of depression
:boom:Better mental clarity and focus
:boom:Greater ambition for life
:boom:Strength in walking into uncomfortable situations and dealing with problems
:boom:Ease in communicating with others - no social anxiety
:boom:Ease in dealing with stress and negative emotions
:boom:Return of integrity and self-respect
:boom:Urges are more manageable than ever before


That sounds so awesome man! Those benefits sounds so nice, I have to keep looking at this everytime I think about PMO.


If you can internalize those benefits and recall them every time that urges come, this will be a powerful defence. Choose to finally experience those benefits in your life instead of 5 seconds of PMO pleasure. There are many more benefits as you go along. Life is much sweeter and richer when we’re free.


So true. I need courage desperately. Is it still tough to maintain NoPmo after reaching 37 days? You still get the urges?


Anxiety dissapears, depression lifts, a natural thorough drive comes. It’s a good feeling. And overall just happier, and a lot of smaller things but these are the main ones.


I have become habitual of my new life. Urges are there… temptations are there but i have got a magical power now Control

Also i know that pleasure is inside me … and not in women… i have experienced it… this experience has set me free