Motivation: What are the benefits you experienced during noFap journey?

I need regular motivations to prevent fallback. Kindly share the experiences you noticed in your body and mind when on NoFap. This will help me a lot.


DAY 37

So far greatest benefit is Courage

Courage to face my fears & challenges of everyday life.


Day 63 with GOD’s Help. Here are some of the benefits I’m experiencing:
:boom:Greatly increased confidence and self-esteem
:boom:Happiness after years of depression
:boom:Better mental clarity and focus
:boom:Greater ambition for life
:boom:Strength in walking into uncomfortable situations and dealing with problems
:boom:Ease in communicating with others - no social anxiety
:boom:Ease in dealing with stress and negative emotions
:boom:Return of integrity and self-respect
:boom:Urges are more manageable than ever before


That sounds so awesome man! Those benefits sounds so nice, I have to keep looking at this everytime I think about PMO.


If you can internalize those benefits and recall them every time that urges come, this will be a powerful defence. Choose to finally experience those benefits in your life instead of 5 seconds of PMO pleasure. There are many more benefits as you go along. Life is much sweeter and richer when we’re free.


So true. I need courage desperately. Is it still tough to maintain NoPmo after reaching 37 days? You still get the urges?


Anxiety dissapears, depression lifts, a natural thorough drive comes. It’s a good feeling. And overall just happier, and a lot of smaller things but these are the main ones.


I have become habitual of my new life. Urges are there… temptations are there but i have got a magical power now Control

Also i know that pleasure is inside me … and not in women… i have experienced it… this experience has set me free


Clarity of thought and the ability to execute them jumpa to mind.

 The main  point being its a journey not a step by step ready made program. ALL parts are needed one mans crippling spur is anothers golden gosse. In all cases when men band together in brotherhood for greater good awesome things happen.
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