Lets GO!! Everybody :facepunch::facepunch::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:
We will destroy fuck*ing disgusting PMO & EVIL Pn Industry :skull::nauseated_face: We will Conquer the World! Those pn addicted loosers Who defend PMO will look at “US” with open mouthes and will Only envy our confidence! And skills to flirt with a Girls!
I dont Know… Set your goals… Joining the military, police but REMEMBER… DREAM BIG! :facepunch::muscle:t2: My dream is Joining Police special force in Czech Republic
I strictly recommend all of you guys to hardcore workout in the GYM and Cold Showers are key! And also spent NO time in your house and dont be Lazy in your bed, GO outside for a walk ( many of my relapses were due to laziness in bed! But withou Pn, but Still) I fight with PMO almost 1 year, the benefits are real i dont have any Social Anxiety and I have very boosted confidence, My longest streak was 49days but all the relapses were without Pn, but 1 month ago I fu**ing dont know why Wanted to watch P again… :rage::angry: Im so pissed… So new NOFAP epic Journey begins! NOFAP DAY#29
#Nofap Motivation
Nofap saved my Life