Motivation Stuff 👊

After reading a lot of nofap users experience and how they feel during their journey i am sharing this… What will you get (benefits) after completing 1,7,15,30,60,90,150,180,250,365 days of nofap. write it down on a paper and stick it on your wall as a goal. :slight_smile:

  1. day= heart beat returns to normal.
    7days=brain fog lifts, able to do some work.
    15 days= brainfog is very low level… Start to feel little  energetic. Started doing Morning / evening walk, cardio.
    30 days= body becomes normal. Full of energy. School, office work becomes fun and interesting. You will start enjoying life at this point. You will realize how ■■■■ has stolen your real life rewards and you will try to achieve them.
    60days= massive amount of energy,  you have to hit the gym… Tiredness/lethargy /brainfog gone. Mind becomes clear… Ability to focus improves. Ed is decreased and morning wood starts.

90days= considered as complete reboot. You become a normal human being. ED/Brainfog/social anxiety  completely gone.

Time for superpowers provided you don't ejaculate and do meditation.

150days= start to feel the super powers. Mind becomes very sharp… Memory, will power is high.

250 days= super powers… Everything will be very easy for you.

365days= you will have a nice job/business. A beautiful wife/girlfriend. Life is very very beautiful. 

-Shared by Vivekananda a NF companion user.


This is Complete bullshit, it will build too much expectations in people doing nofap.
I did 180 days nofap and no porn, and didn’t feel those things, yet I did a lot of things to improve my Life.

There are no rules or day, instead everyone should aim, to improve their lives and The most important thing feel their emotions that they have escaped through fapping and porn.
Benefits will come but it will be at different time for everyone.

So the biggest advice for everyone is to feel!! What you have escaped through porn.
You should aim to feel right now, and not what await you at day 150!


I hope it’s sarcasm lol, but I don’t think it is, at least it’s not obvious to me.

Retracted my comments, it actually isn’t too obvious.


:smile: thanks a lot for the comment.
it’s also because you don’t get a wife or a job offer just because you don’t fap


Are you on hard mode bro ?

Yes man hard mode, no edging, no nothing.

Bro. The whole point of posting it was to motivate people who are just beginners.

I myself has felt the same way as @vivekananda is talking about . My longest streak is 31 days and as described by him feel all that.
Yes, your goals may not be same as described by him or you did nt got that much success but it doesnt mean no other person is making huge benefit from nofap lifestyle.
I myself has been greatly influenced and been uplifted by nofap lifestyle. It gave me a new life.

It brings me back from death. I feel Resurected. We must help each other and motivate.
Your comment was a little negative & rude.

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I am sorry If YOU felt my comment was “negative and rude”

Sure Nofap is good, even Excellent, It’s changing life of a lot of people including myself, you and many others.

I posted because I think people might expect too much or be in a waiting mentality (the futur will be better) for those people I don’t think your post will do them anygood.
But I sincerely think the benefits are real, I felt them for the very beginning (the first two days starting nofap for the first time)

To expect the futur to be better is to escape from the present moment and is a similar behavior as escaping feelings through an addiction.

So If I was rude, now I want to be uplifting

nofap will bring you many benefits, it might change your life, and attract new people or thing that you wouldn’t have imagined.
But to feel those benefits, don’t have too much expectations, don’t think about days too much, in fact don’t even think about it, and don’t blame your addiction for everything that you are not happy with.

Try new things, pursue your passion, try as many thing as possible to improve your Life.

Most important, today is the most important day of your life, not the day 30 or 60, now is the most important time, FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS that are there because you don’t escape from them anymore.
Live my friend and enjoy life every single day, at every single moment, live day by day in the present.


My point exactly. Not only will they expect too much, when those expectations are not fullfilled they turn their hate towards nofap community. It’s best if they are told the truth from the begining.


It’s all in the mind. And yes sometimes expecting too much can be no good but it also gives us an excitement to change and motivate ourselves !