Motivation Needed!


How do I get motivated again?
To take this seriously that a long streak of Porn and Masturbation abstinence is

  1. Possible because I’ve proved it as have so many others on here
  2. Desirable because of all the many benefits including decreased guilt, decreased social anxiety, increased girl attraction, better self esteem etc etc
  3. The Path to a Much better life

Challenge and Motivate me guys !


If you settle for anything less than this level of determination, then your Nofap journey is hypocrisy. So, be determined like a freedom fighter. Success will be yours.

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Don’t think I’m at that level yet


then relapse for some more times :sweat_smile: no offence, plain truth


@AnkitK makes a good point. The only times when I’ve felt really strongly motivated are when I’ve relapsed so many times in a row that the hatred of it massively exceeds any pleasure.