Mostly relapsing after 3 days

I don’t know why that am mostly relapsing after three days time interval. This is really not able to understand. First two days there was no dirty thought at all. But suddenly third day all shit of fantasies pouring in my mind. I had a relationship (breakup over three years) and I still get the intimate thoughts of it. Then fourth day am relapsing. This has been my pattern. I feel really bad for it.
Sometimes I relapse by seeing insta posts too but most of the times automatically shit thoughta are coming and led me to relapse. Please give some advice.


Hey there man.

Sure I see 3 problems and have an equal solution you have actually give yourself.

  1. Thinking too often of you previous relationship.

  2. Instagram is your trigger.

  3. Your thought pattern.


  1. Turn your thoughts away from you previous relationship and cut out any reminder thereof. Hide your mementos of it or throw or delete them.

Also when such a thought appear don’t give it space to grow. Don’t feel negative about it either.

Firstly redirect your thoughts to something else like singing with your favourite song or read something. Something that interests you to do it rather than to think of these intimate thoughts.

Secondly identify the area where it happens often and change your environment or area to avoid these thoughts.

  1. It goes without saying to delete Insta.

I wish you could bypass this one as you could have it and redirect your insta to something else like sports or cooking or other stuff without girls or your previous relationship, but since you are in a habit of it sadly delete might be a better option other than to block and remove the pictures.

It is up to you so long as you remove what ever tipe of trigger Instagram is for you .

3.The thoughts. The thing is man as mention changing your thoughts here is the way to go. Sadly this could be a habit for you in order to stay clean 3 days and day 4 relapse.

This you gotta identify too and what you specifically do on day 4. As the first 2 days or so you consciously stop thinking of fapping and then later don’t keep up with this Idea comming on day 3 and 4. Also constantly checking each day passing is also much worse as it add the stress for you on how long to keep up ignoring to fap.

Also what you do also effects you. Thinking on the old relationship or whilst on insta blocks your ability to keep up staying away from these inappropriate thoughts and not occupying it or changing your mood or enviroment will definitely make fapping a better option then staying away from it.

It doesn’t have to be a death sentence and you have to constantly have to work or study. Just be busy and whilst you are busy have some fun!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome


Oh yeah i was also relapsing at day 3 I lost my 5 streaks because of this and lost a 6 days streak and 12 days streak because of my crush😐 coz i was on nofap and using Insta. As expected.

@Cubenix He is very helpful. I have seen him helping all the newcomers in my 12 day streak.

So Control your emotions, then u can control your mind.


Thanks a lot and really very thanks for such a detailed explanation. I am lucky to have people like you around me and special thanks to this fotum too. I will follow the steps you mentioned. I believe I can make it better this time.


Have a goal of 4 days. Start there.
Decide. You don’t want it enough. Decide with your soul brother.


Thanks brother. Sure.

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You are dealing with chaser affect

No fab is a hard thing to do. And also very productive. You must built a rocky castle for yourself. It is a must doing routine or habits or life style. This is the only way. Everyone going through this way. No one can neglect this natural law.

Actions on ROUTINE :person_in_lotus_position::running_man::weight_lifting_man::carrot::broccoli::tada::shower::memo::clock630::green_heart::no_smoking: will decide your success

Read this

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