More questions than answers

I’m curious what other people (especially if they have been on this journey for a longer time) think about the following:

A very often occurring advice for new nofappers is to keep yourself as occupied as possible / staying buzzy all the time or to use all your energy during the day that you don’t have the power to fap in the evening.

I see that this really helps to get long streaks, but does it help with battling the addiction? What do others think?

I personally think, that my personality, or the way I handle my emotions led to my addiction. Hence, just waiting and hoping that with time, the addiction will go away sounds confusing to me. I think I have to change something in my behavior so that my brain knows how to handle situations differently.
If my brain can’t handle boredom, that means that every time I get bored my brain says -> watch a porn. Is now the solution that I try to keep myself occupied all the time so that boredom will never occur?
I think it would be way more important to learn how I should react to boredom than to remove boredom. Because it is just not possible to remove boredom out of your life (also I think it is not a good advice either since boredom is an important source of creativity)


Agreed bro. Its more about ourselves than about days. Not that streak is not important. Butbif we do not really sit down and be honest with ourselves about pmo, its usually a matter of time no matter how long we avoid and drag it (I dont believe we would stay really long enough that may have effect on changing addictive behaviour) when we will slack or lose guard and suddenly we are in the peasant zone.


If you’re bored try something new - meditation, hiking, reading an interesting book, etc. Idk just my suggestion

I completely agree with you because if you just treat the addiction and not the underlying issue then you are likely to relapse during stressful or emotional situations. I think that in order to truly beat this an individual must seek psychological help to figure out what led them to this in the first place. Turning to religion is often helpful as well

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