More lovesickness after 7 days.. need help

Hey guys,

I have a big problem… i have lovesickness for about 9 months… but i felt better and better everyone month… until now. I started my new streak 6 days ago and with day 4 it started that i really miss her again :frowning: Any solutions or reasons for this problem?..Please help…

@Halogen you could be having withdrawal symptoms. If your body is trying to stabilize chemicals in your brain because of nofap this could be the result (lovesickness). Stay on the nofap journey and lovesickness will likely diminish over time.
I’m not a doctor so these are just my thoughts. Hope it helps.


I always fall when this happens. Only reason we are failing because we neglect these emotions.
Try to Fix them.

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It’s normal dude. Nofap just makes stronger something that you should get rid of in the first place. You shouldn’t be missing a girl. If you do you’ve linked your happiness to her image and you can’t let go. This is going to cause you and her and every other girl you meet nothing but trouble. May be you should check out some of the RSD stuff on oneitis on YouTube. Try to feel grateful for what you had with that girl but realize she wasn’t your soulmate or your chance of being happy. Just Let it go

Thanks guys for answering. I think you are right.
I won’t give up but i hope i will feel better in a few days. Maybe i miss her so much because i just want to have sex… But you are right, thats not the kind of relationship i want to have to girls. I want to have something honest with somebody and not see her as a possibility for sex.