More Challenges needed

Because they are busy with their objectives

I guess you’re right about that one. But again some of them are patreons so they believe they’re helping it enough.

Also I’m chill. So no worries :wink:

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Some thoughts regarding that.
I’ve been a member of this community forever now. Kind of an old turtle :grinning:

Why do people with high streaks leave?
To be honest, I’m not really sure if I would come back. I think if you truly leave this addiction behind, you will realize how weird some questions are. There are always-recurring questions. Then, if you try to answer them honestly, people either don’t want to hear your opinion (There were topics were around 20 people, also people with long streaks, said that the persons problem was clearly not fap related, and after that 1 person said you can heal it with hardmode. And the new member got hooked on that idea immediately.)
So I think it is this community which in one part really helps, but on the other is also really extreme. I think that people who truly recovered realize that it is about balance and understanding in life. Challenging someone to restrain from porn for 3 days is not what heals us. what heals us is the understanding when, how, and why we are doing it

Even more important, a thing that should immediately trigger your alarm bells.

You mentioned that multiple times. The goal should be to become free of the grip of the internet. (Few of us have only a porn addiction. Most of us spend way too much time on their phone but are too trapped by extreme focus on nofap to realize that the internet is one huge death-trap.)

So, I think that the goal should be, that people are not on the phone. But if they have to be on the phone because of urges, they should come to the forum instead of going straight to porn. So in the beginning the forum was a lot about texting when urges occur. Talking about how they feel, why the came and how they can let them go. It was kind of a mentoring platform.

In my personal opinion, I was never fan of the challenges and I will never be. It changed the forum from a place where I came when I looked for help because I had urges to a place where people get addicted to. Focusing on challenges which often only test their willpower which is irrelevant for getting rid of this addiction.

So, no. hooking people to the app with more challenges is the complete opposite of what we want to achieve

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@neveragaintw @Nep1234id Thankyou for your opinions. I disagree with you both. Hope you go deep to understand what i meant to say…not just to reply.

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Bro simple thing…no one cares !!! If you relapsed then it’s okay.if you made 1000 days it’s okay… It totally depends on your strategy and knowledge how to tackle urges …this knowledge you can get in this forum and use in your journey.


@_TIGER Yes it is. Bhagavad Gita 6.5 .

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Well, maybe not mandatory but it would be cool if these people had like a badge after the name so other people know they can trust them


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